FOE’s Wanted

Fan of everything is a site that I created for me to express my love and opinion on the things i care about and enjoy but i didnt just create this for me i created this for others to do the same.

Right now im looking for people who are either already blogging or want to blog about the things they love. The topics you see are not all that will be discussed as i plan to continue expanding. Here are the main topics im looking for:

  • Wrestling(NJPW, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground is a plus)
  • Sports(No sport is off limits)
  • Movies and TV Showa(Reviews, News, Rumors and more)
  • Comic(News, Rumors, fan theories and more)

These are just a few and like i said more will come. If you want to meet great people, talk about the things you love and express yourself fan of everything is the place for you….BeAFOE. If you are interested please email me @ with the heading Writers wanted. Tell me a little about yourself and your interest and please ask questions if you have any.

Im only selecting a few so hit me up asap if interested and i look forward to bring you along. Thanks.