Being a fan of one thing is fine but i appreciate and enjoy a lot of activities to just stick to one so i became a fan of everything. I am a young up and coming blogger who enjoys talking and debating about sports, wrestling and video games but i dont stop there. Beyond this 3 key things i love to cook, exercise, and travel. I brought this site about to express my fandom for all these things and more and i wont stop there. I envision this site becoming something big one day. As i like to say i want this site to be ESPN on crack. More topics will be discussed as I do look to expand and eventually bring on more bloggers to express their love for things.

I am a game and i play on PS4 and im active in a couple of groups on Facebook and more. Please follow all my social media pages and stay tuned as more topics will come about and soon i will be looking for writers. #BeAFOE