Tom Brady is Thanos of the NFL

Tom brady was the Thanos of the NFL all along. The gaunlet is now complete

We all know who Thanos is. From hardcore comic book fans to the casual movie goer. Thanos has captured and crush the hearts of millions of people around the world and let’s not forget, wiped out have of the universe. The infinity gauntlet is powerful and now we have a human on the face of the earth that possesses it and his name is Tom Brady. We all know who Tom Brady(Thanos) is. He is arguably the greatest football player of all time and the most hated one at the same time and now, he has completed his gauntlet by capturing his 6th super bowl ring this past Sunday in a 13-3 victory of the LA Rams. Tom is without a shadow of a doubt the Michael Jordan of football and a once in a lifetime athlete but let’s look at his quest to capturing all the infinity stones on his way to getting the gauntlet.

*Random disclaimer: This is not going to be in order as Thanos got the stones throughout the comics or MCU. I tried to match up every super bowl to its respective stone as best as possible.

Power stone – Super Bowl XXXVI: Patriots 20, Rams 17

Sitting as a backup and plotting the destruction of the world, Brady is a known back up QB that goes on to win a super bowl but this wasn’t just any super bowl. He went after the most dangerous stone in the power stone first. To obtain it Brady defeated the most powerful force in the NFL at the time in the “Greatest show on turf”. He ended a dynasty that day that wasn’t the same until 17 years later.  Come to find out, Brady was part Celestial like Peter Quill(Star lord) but Belechik gave Brady the gauntlet so he can control the power stone and start an 18 year dynasty.

Time Stone – XXXVIII: Patriots 32, Panthers 29

Space Stone: Super XXXIX: Patriots 24, Eagles 21

Reality Stone:  Super Bowl XLIX Patriots 28, Seahawks 24

The reality stone allows you to manipulate reality and in this Super Bowl it seemed like that happened. Did you know Thanos actually has telepathic powers? Well Thanos Brady had them as well that day. Somewhere, somehow, Brady manipulated this high powered Seahawks team into believing throwing the ball on the 1 yard line instead of handing it off to “Beast Mode” was the way to go and the way to win. But all failed as Malcom Butler caught the game winning interception that and presented Lord Brady with the reality stone.

Soul Stone : Super Bowl LI Patriots 34, Falcons 28(OT)

The Soul Stone can be used for various things but in this Super Bowl it was used to change the Falcons. They say that this stone comes with a grave sacrifice and Brady’s sacrifice was getting completely obliterated in the first Falcons just to kill the Falcons(Gamora) in the second half. But there was no tears in this one. He changed the Falcons. Took them from being a dominant force to a practice Squad as they had no answers for him in the second half of that game and Thanos Brady went on to win the Super Bowl in OT and capture the Soul Stone while taking the Falcons soul.

Mind Stone: Super Bowl LIII Patriots 13, Rams 3

AHHH the mind stone. Let’s just say The Rams were vision and Brady came to Wakanda and just snatched the stone right out of his head and threw them to the side. The Rams fell in their attempt to keep Brady from getting the last stone. Brady used every other stones power in the process to put together a very boring but affective plan to capturing the stone. What some thought as boring, others saw as just pure defensive football but in the end Brady captured the mind stone and completed the gauntlet.

Now of course he had some obstacles on his way to getting all the infinity stones. The Giants got in his way twice and the Eagles pulled off the upset last year to halt Thanos Brady plans but now he obtains the gauntlet and even while he is pushing 42, he has wiped out all of his doubters and everyone that NFL fans thought would take his place.

So what now?

Dr. Strange only seen 1 outcome where they win in Marvels Avengers: Infinity War. The Endgame is already in effect in the MCU but in the NFL there is no telling who or when someone will knock Thanos Brady off of his thrown. Maybe he will retire at 45 with the gauntlet and find a planet to rest on in a more deserving universe. But for now. Lord Thanos request your criticism and doubts so he can continue to rule over the NFL with the Infinity gauntlet.

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