Weekly Pipe Bomb: Charlotte should not be in the main event of WM35

The emphasis Pipe Bomb will never be forgotten

Ahhhh I’ve been plotting on making this a part of this site for a while and now it’s time. Welcome to the weekly pipe bomb. Basically once a week we will go on a rant about something and it won’t just be WWE, the NFL, NBA, NJPW or anyone else is not safe from our wrath but it’s all fun at the end of the Day but first up is Charlotte. Point, blank, period….she should not be a part of the main event of WrestleMania.

I get it ok. Becky is a solid in ring competitor. Ronda is still growing but her work is inconsistent. Adding Charlotte would bring some excitement and a lot of athleticism to the main event. WWE doesn’t want this high caliber match to not deliver when the bell rings so adding Charlotte to the match will make sure it’s a classic. I think about this a little differently.

Charlotte has been a part of this story for a while and all signs originally pointed to a triple threat main event in the first place but Becky and Ronda needs a one on one match. Ronda is going down the same path as Goldberg at this point. Expose her strengths and hide her weaknesses and whenever she takes a loss it will most likely be a screw job to protect her. WWE should approach this as the main event it already is. It’s like taking your favorite treat (red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting) and adding something unnecessary to it (vanilla frosting).

Charlotte and Asuka have better chemistry now then they did a year ago and could deliver a classic at WrestleMania 35

Charlotte should be left out of the fold for now (hey Asuka needs a challenger). If either one of these two superstars lose they need to get pinned. Not only is Charlotte here to add a little more excitement but to also take the fall so they can protect Ronda. If the rumors are true than Ronda is going to leave for a while after Mania to start a family and this would be the perfect time for her to lay it all out on the line and put Becky over clean. Not for Becky to conquer the world by pinning or submitting Charlotte.

The only thing that will do is lead to the whole you never pinned me crap we see every now and then. WWE should just leave this match alone and let it be a one on one affair. No interference (unless you want to give me a 4 horsewomen of MMA and 4 horsewomen of WWE confrontation) If Ronda loses it should be at her own demise not by a third party being pinned.

If they wanted to bring these 3 together for a match let it be after Ronda returns. Let Charlotte become smack down champion and Becky become Raw champion and then bring them together for a triple threat to make an undisputed champion.

Overall Charlotte is great and definitely a part of this story but bring her in at another time. She deserves more than to be used for 1 backflip to the outside of the ring and to taste defeat just to protect someone who needs to take her first lose clean and not get screwed.

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