Super Bowl 53 predictions; facts; and more

Super Bowl 53 is a battle of past/present vs future

 This Sunday could be the start of a new dynasty. 17 years ago we witnessed the beginning of the greatest football dynasty of all time and the decline of another. Could we witness the same this Sunday? We are going to see a very interesting matchup between the past/present vs the future. Battle of the greatest coach to ever call a play Bill Belichik against the young gun a lot already deem a coaching genius Sean McVay(represent the A my friend). Then you have a battle between the greatest player to play football Tom Brady and the 24 year old prodigy they are calling the next Brady in Jared Goff.

Super Bowl 53 is in Hotlanta (its cold as hell here). And it’s shaping up to be a good one and a lot of people anticipate a high scoring super bowl. My buddy Josh and I will be covering it and for now we will give you our Super Bowl 53 predictions plus keys to victory and more.

Fun Facts

  • This will be the 2nd time the Rams and Patriots played in the super bowl. Teams who have won the first match are 4-2 in super bowl rematches.
  • The last 3 teams to advance to the super bowl off an overtime field goal win has won the Super Bowl
  • The Rams are averaging the league best 175 rushing yards per game in the post season
  • *Since 2001 the Patriots have allowed an opposing player to run for 100 yards in 10.3% of games

Keys to Victory

Josh Ho

Rams’ Defensive Line vs Patriots’ Offensive Line

“No matter who you are you will never beat New England if you don’t get pressure on Tom Brady. Their offensive line has been outstanding this year (#3 in the league), and have yet to give up a sack in their two postseason games. 

Fortunately for the Rams, they have an incredible collection of pass rushers along their line. Defensive stud Aaron Donald leads the charge with 20.5 sacks on the year (most ever for a defensive tackle). 

In order for the Rams to win, sacks aren’t quite necessary. If guys like Donald, Ndamukong Suh, and Michael Brockers can make thief presence felt by getting to Brady, and hitting him a bit, it may be enough to throw the all-time great quarterback off his game just enough for the Rams to take advantage.

However, Sony Michel has played well for the last couple of weeks (over 230 rushing yards and five touchdowns in their two playoff games). If the Patriots want to keep those defenders from wreaking havoc on Brady, then running the football efficiently will be paramount “

My Keys

I went ahead and broke down my keys for both teams because I felt like multiple factors could impact this game.


Come out swinging. If they get the ball at coin toss it’s critical that they score a touchdown on the first drive. Patriots will have momentum before kickoff.

*Get to Brady in under 3 seconds

SUPER BOWL XLII — GLENDALE, AZ 02/03/08 — Giants Justin Tuck grabs Patriots Tom Brady which caused a fumble in the second quarter. New England Patriots play against the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII on February 3, 2008 in University of Phoenix Stadium. (Bill Greene/Globe Staff)

I’m being nice saying that and I think this is the best front 7 Brady has faced in the Super Bowl since Michael Strahan and the Giants beat him up. My boy Josh already said it and Brady has added fuel to the fire. He hasn’t been touched in the playoffs and if he goes untouched on Sunday there will be problems for this stacked Rams defense.

*Change gameplan in 2nd half

You have to remember that you have to attempt to out coach Belichik. The 2nd half is an entirely new game for him and should be for the Rams to. That’s how the Eagles won last year. They made adjustments and always kept the Patriots on their toes. Sean McVay must make adjustments in the 2nd half whether he is up or down to help him secure the victory on the Patriots.

Get Todd Gurley involved

The Rams have a lot of weapons on offense but Gurley will be key. He is a dual threat and the Patriots hate dual threat running backs. He was inexistent in the NFC championship game but he needs to thrive back home in Atlanta in the super bowl.


*Protect Brady

Someway somehow they have to keep him protected. That front 7 is stacked and McDonald and Suh both can get out of double teamed situation and even if they do that it will leave an opening for other players to make an impact. This is a very versatile defense.


The Rams have one of the worst run defenses in the league even though their front 7 is stacked so you better believe Bill Belichik will be looking to expose that with Sony Michel.

Pressure Jared Goff

*Shut Down Gurley

The Patriots may have a #7 ranked defense but they are flawed like any team. Gurley will definitely be a focus for Belichik. If they can minimize his impact it will be a huge game changer for the game. I’m telling you, the Pats hate dual threat running backs.


17 years later we still cant count out Brady

Josh Ho

Patriots 28, Rams 27

“Everything on paper spells out a Rams victory. Other than quarterback and head coach, Los Angele has the advantage in every major position on the field. However, there is something to be said for experience. Belichick-Brady led Pats teams are always clutch and find ways to win. As much as I’ll be rooting for the Rams on Sunday, I just can’t find it in me to pick against New England”

My Prediction

Patriots 38, Rams 35

My gut tells me Rams but my heart is with the GOAT (not a fan but I admire greatness and experience). The Rams have all the tools to get the job done but they lack experience. The Patriots on the other hand have player with experience in the Super Bowl on both sides of the ball. I believe the Pats will get up early on the Rams as it will take this team time to get in the groove. Both of these coaches are good at making second half adjustment. They are probably the best 2nd half teams in the NFL and approach NFL games as 2 in 1. Experience will lead the Patriots to another win and Brady walking away with his 6th super bowl

Super Bowl MVP

Josh Ho

Tom Brady – QB, Ne

I want to give this to Sony Michel, since I think he’d be the key factor for the Pats. However, we all know about the bias the NFL has towards quarterbacks. I think Tom Brady will have a decent game, but leave fans questioning why the rookie running back didn’t take home the MVP trophy.  

My pick

Sony Michel- RB, NE

Sony Michel will be the X Factor for the Patriots

I know the NFL is bias towards QB’s and Brady is probably the greatest player to ever play in the Super Bowl if you look at the numbers but Sony Michel will be an X-Factor. Bill will look to take advantage of that poor run defense and Sony will lead the way. Brady is humble I think even he will give it up to Sony Michel if he has a big game. I’m thinking a 1.50 with a running TD and a passing TD. New England running backs always run wild in the Super Bowl.

Let us know your Super Bowl picks and who you think will be the game changers for the game. The Super Bowl will be live this Sunday from Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz dome. Kickoff will be at 6:30PM ET on CBS but you have multiple ways of watching it. To find out click the like here to read this great article I found on ways you can watch.

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