5 Takeaways From Smackdown – 1/29/19

One way to follow up a solid episode of Raw, is to do what Smackdown did last night. We saw the beginning of a new title, a tag team title contender’s match, and crowned a new champion.

While it didn’t outdo the insane crowd reactions for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch on Monday, the former “B-Show” held it’s own as far as weekly WWE programming is concerned.

There was plenty to take away from this episode of Smackdown, and we’re going to gander at five of them.

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5. The Uso’s Earn A Title Match

In an effort to decide who will be next to challenge The Miz and Shane McMahon for the Smackdown Tag Team titles, there was a four corners elimination tag match between The Bar, The Usos, Heavy Machinery, and The New Day, and those guys put on a pretty good match.

The Usos ended up winning it, with them last eliminating former champions, The Bar. It will be interesting to see them cross paths with the current champs at Elimination Chamber. It’s almost a given that the in-ring work will be solid, if not very good, as Shane McMahon would be the only competitor holding these men back.

4. Charlotte and Becky Brawl

Speaking of men, it was “The Man” who started off the show. She cut an awesome promo about how she sees doubt in Ronda Rousey’s eyes – something Lynch doesn’t have anymore. The Irish Lass Kicker also took a nice jab at the UFC Hall of Famer by saying she “doesn’t crumble” when she loses.

The runner up in the Royal Rumble, Charlotte Flair made her appearance, telling Becky she only made it to the top because of her. In response to this, Lynch simply punched her in the face. This escalated into a huge brawl that was fun to watch.

I fear, however, that this will lead to Charlotte being added to the big match at Wrestlemania, to make it a triple threat. Becky Lynch deserves to have a one on one marquee match with Rousey at the show of shows. I’d like to see a rematch from last year’s event, and have Charlotte challenge Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s title.

3. R-Truth Wins and Successfully Defends the U.S. Title

After being blindsided at the Royal Rumble and having his spot stolen by Nia Jax, R-Truth was given a U.S. title match with Shinsuke Nakamura. In a surprising twist, Truth snuck away with the victory when it appeared the “King of Strong Style” had kicked out right at the three count. Many people thought it was a legitimate botch, until the next match happened.

Rusev came out and convinced Truth to defend the title against him at that moment. Of course R-Truth accepted… and pinned the Bulgarian Brute with a roll up. This lead to a two on one attack by the two wrestlers on the losing end.

This could be the start of a tag team, with Shinsuke and Rusev. I’d be willing to give that a chance if it’s where WWE is going, as The Bar has proved rivals can make a solid tag team. As for R-Truth as U.S. Champion, it’s great that Truth finally has a title, but I think he’s only a placeholder for a surprise NXT call up like Aleister Black.

2. Andrade vs Mysterio Continues

There was a match scheduled between Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe, but an assault by Andrade prevented this contest from taking place.

This is a good way to extend this rivalry without burning us out on matches involving the two. Their contests are always fantastic, but there is a such thing as “too much of a good thing”, as they say. I can’t wait for their next match, as they to up the ante every time they step into the ring together.

1. Daniel Bryan Debuts A New Title; Learns About His Next Defense

WWE’s resident eco-warrior cut a promo with Eric Rowan by his side. Bryan announced he was replacing the current title with a new one “made from naturally fallen oak”. This was a great spot, and Bryan’s character reminds me very much of CM Punk during his “Straight Edge Society” days.

He was interrupted by AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali, and Samoa Joe. Joe cut a great promo, taking shots at each one of the men standing in the ring, before a fight broke out. The WWE champion snuck outside the ring and said none of them deserved a title shot. Triple H then came out and announced Daniel Bryan will be defending the title in the Elimination Chamber against all five of them.

That was a great way to close the show, and it will without a doubt be a great match to watch in three weeks.

Those were my takeaways from this week’s Smackdown.What did you think about the U.S. title change, and the new look WWE championship? Let me hear your opinions in the comment section, and thank you for reading!

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