5 Takeaways From Royal Rumble 2019

The Royal Rumble has come to a close, and with that, we have some answers. There are plenty of questions left to answer as well, but the results we’ve been left with will have to carry us on to the Elimination Chamber.

It was a wild night, with many predictions on my end coming true (humble brag), but sometimes predictability is okay in the WWE. A lot of times, they try to pull off a surprise just for the sake of surprising us, and that usually doesn’t end well (see Alberto Del Rio in 2011).

Allow me to go through my five takeaways from the 2019 Royal Rumble event.

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5. Ronda wins; Sasha Puts Up The 4

This match lived up to the hype to me. Between both women attacking the other’s arm, and all of the counters and reversals they had for one another, there was great chemistry in the ring.

Sasha Banks at one point applied the Banks Statement using her wrist tape – this was a great spot. In the end, Rousey hit Piper’s Pit for the three count. After the match, Ronda showed respect to Sasha, to which Banks replied by shaking her hand, and putting up the “Four Horsewomen” sign and walking off.

This was a great match, which showcased the abilities of both women. Banks rarely gets the opportunity anymore to perform in such a major spotlight, and she absolutely shined last night. It’s looking like Sasha will be turning her attention to the new women’s tag team division, while Rousey likely focuses on the Royal Rumble winner…

4. Eric Rowan Helps Daniel Bryan

In a solid, but not awesome match between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, we saw accidental blood, submissions for days, and a surprise return (followed by an unlikely alliance).

While both men were down Eric Rowan came out (wearing an open flannel button up) and just stared at the two men in the ring. Styles eventually ducked a kick, which knocked out the referee and hit the Styles Clash. Rowan came in and hit the challenger with a modified Chokeslam (except he grabbed Styles by the face instead of the throat), which allowed Bryan to cover AJ and get the win.

Like I said, this was a “good” match, not great. These two absolutely still have better bouts to come, but adding Eric Rowan (who magically got his first name back, apparently) adds some intrigue to the story. We’ll have to wait and see what WWE does from here.

3. Lesnar Escapes With the Title

To most, the outcome of this match was never in doubt, but I guess I’m a dreamer. Finn Bálor started this match off quickly, as he unleashed a running dropkick before Brock Lesnar was even ready. The challenger surprisingly had offensive control for most of the match.

After hitting all of his signature offense and a Coup de Gráce, Lesnar kicked out and transitioned to the Kimura Lock, for the submission victory. Afterward, Lesnar beat down Bálor with some more suplexes and an F-5.

Look, now I know it was a long shot for Lesnar to drop the title here, but I was hoping to see a Finn Bálor vs Seth Rollins rematch for the Universal title at Wrestlemania. I guess Brock winning wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but I’m worried that this will knock Finn back down to lower mid card status.

2. Becky Lynch Finds Redemption in the Rumble

After being submitted by Asuka in what was (in my opinion) the match of the night, Becky Lynch had to figure a way to get back in the title picture. Earlier in the night, Lana hurt her ankle, and she came in the Royal Rumble at #28 with a limp. After being helped by officials (and attacked by Nia Jax), Lynch seized her opportunity and replaced her in the match.

The Rumble match itself was rather disappointing… until we saw the *final six superstars or so. After coming down to the last three, Becky eliminated Nia Jax, who got revenge and injured Lynch’s knee in the process. On one knee, Becky Lynch ended up eliminating Charlotte (who looked like a legitimately crazy person in the match), and winning it all.

Obviously, she is going to move to Raw and have an absolute Wrestlemania classic with Ronda Rousey… if that somehow doesn’t happen, then I don’t know what WWE has been building towards for the last few months.

*the final six were: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, Carmella, Bayley, and Alexa Bliss

1. Seth Rollins Wins the Rumble

Not an all time great Rumble match, this one was still fun. Seth Rollins made his appearance at #10. He eventually eliminated Bobby Lashley, before the Intercontinental champion slammed him through the announce table.

By the end of the match, the final four men were Dolph Ziggler Andrade, Braun Strowman, and Rollins (who was still on the outside). Braun eliminated Andrade and Ziggler, before the Architect hit the Curb Stomp on Strowman to win it all.

This was pretty easy to see coming, but once again, sometimes it’s better to be predictable.What’s intriguing here, is what happens next. Obviously, the safe bet is for Rollins to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship, but what if he decides he wants to wrestle Daniel Bryan for the WWE title, to decide who the best wrestler in WWE actually is? My money is on the former, but the latter could be extremely interesting.

Those are my takeaways from the 2019 Royal Rumble show! What are your thoughts? Did any particular match (or spot) stand out to you? Let me know in the comments section, as your feedback is much appreciated!

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