Kushida should have avoided WWE

Kushida announced he is leaving NJPW and all signs point to WWE

If your not familiar with NJPW’s Ace of the Jr Heavyweight division Kushida then I say you need to hop on youtube. Kushida is one of the best Jr Heavyweights in the world and his time in NJPW is sadly coming to an end. He is heading out to the States to see what he can accomplish but from reports, he is signing with WWE. Now that can be a plus but honestly, Kushida should have avoided WWE overall.

NXT is good, i love it over any other brand in the company and I hate to see wrestlers get called up just to get lost in the shuffle but recently for Japanese wrestlers that’s exactly what has happened. Seriously that has been constant Japanese wrestlers that have been lost in the shuffle or just completely failed in the WWE since the beginning.

  • Kenzo Suzuki
  • Tensai( Im aware he is not Japanese and so is a lot of Wrestlers that came in pretending to be)
  • Yoshi Tatsu

The list goes on and on but it has all been so bad, Tajiri had a lot of success in the WWE in and out of the cruiserweight division. But look at right now:

Though very talented Hideo Itami hasn’t had the best run in the WWE since NXT

Hideo Itami has been completely obsolete for a long time now. His match quality is still there but alot of his matches are meaningless and going nowhere and he spends a lot of his time screaming “RESPECT ME!!!!” in the mic.


Shinsuke’s run in the WWE has been very disappointing since NXT

Sadly there is Shinsuke Nakamura, one of the most decorated Japanese Wrestlers of all time that hasn’t really been able to find success since his NXT days. Both of these guys are top notch wrestlers who can main event and carry a title but of course in the land of WWE, they don’t care how well you can wrestle, if you can’t speak english than your not really marketable.

Kushida will be off to NXT later this month and most likely will debut at the next NXT Takeover before Wrestlemania. His matches in NXT will be great and afterwards he will probably move on to 205 live to be lost in the shuffle. I hope for things to be different but history continuously repeats itself in the WWE with Japanese wrestlers. His stock will grow, but everything else may fall because if WWE’s corrective direction for him. They most likely see another kid friendly gimmick that will generate merchandise sales or worse they will turn him into a superhero character.

You watch Kushida’s last match with NJPW on January 29 on NJPW as he faces IWGP Heavyweight champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. What do you guys think Kushida future hold in the WWE?


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