6 reasons to watch Wrestle Kingdom 13

If your are unsure of watching Wrestle Kingdom 13, I have 6 reasons you should

We are a day and a half away from witnessing history. Wrestle Kingdom 13 will be coming at you live on Friday morning (2AM ET) from the Tokyo dome and this card is stacked and looking good from beginning to end. Now I have already hit you with some facts about Wrestle Kingdom (great read) but now I’m going to tell you why I think you should watch Wrestle Kingdom 13.

  • Top Notch Wrestling

One thing I love about NJPW is that all their shows are Wrestling Wrestling and more Wrestling. None o that 30 min promo during a big show crap. This is for all my WWE heads out there. Trust me I get it with brand loyalty but bigger is not always better and you may need a breath of fresh air and some really good wrestling with purpose. NJPW does a good job of giving you multiple styles of wrestling, fast paced and hard hitting action plus amazing story telling in the ring. They know how to build up to the main event with every single match being more intense than the other. You will surely be awake from start to finish.

  • It’s just $10

Your already paying 9.99 to watch recycled matches on PPVs (I know the feeling because I am too unless you’re watching NXT). You can’t go wrong with paying another $10 to watch a wrestling spectacle that will surely be better than WrestleMania. Grab your card, your wife card, dig into that savings account that you’re building for your kid’s future and pull out $10 and watch some of the best wrestling you have seen in a long time.

  • Tag team action is main event worthy

If you’re a big fan of tag team wrestling than this is definitely the place you want to be. NJPW makes tag team wrestling matter as it should. If you think I’m wrong please be my guest and go watch the historic bout between The Young Bucks and The Golden Lovers. There are 2 triple threat tag team matches on the Wrestle Kingdom 13 card and both have the potential to be match of the year candidates. If you’re a fan of tag team wrestling then you don’t want to miss the IWGP Junior Heavyweight or the Heavyweight tag team bouts that are on this card.

  • Chris Jericho

Hey even NJPW gives you legends but they are also giving you Chris Jericho who is one of the hottest free agents in the industry and still finding ways to be relevant with age. Jericho takes on Naito for the IWGP Intercontinental championship and even though many are not excited for this bout it will still be a solid match. Jericho has proven that he can still hang with the best and even though he may not be as good as he used to be, he can still put on a 5 star match and be a big money draw.

*I still think they need to start a JerichoOuttaNowhere  trend on Twitter for his creative antics.

  • Kenny Omega

We all know Kenny Omega and he is arguably the best wrestler in the world today. Kenny himself is a great reason to watch Wrestle Kingdom plus he is main eventing with Mr. Wrestle Kingdom himself Tanahashi. The reason I say watch for Kenny is for all the fans that want to know what maybe next. A lot of rumors are swirling and this match has big implications for the future of Kenny Omega, NJPW, and Professional Wrestling. The match itself will be great but it’s the ending that has my attention as well.

  • The Dream Match

NJPW knows how to properly do a dream match and this one will live up to and excel all expectations. We have Kota Ibushi vs Will Ospreay for the Never Openweight Championship. Ospreay is showing everyone that he is coming out of the Junior Division and is now a heavyweight and for a while now he has asked for this match. Words really can’t express my excitement but just know this match even being the opening match is going to be a front runner for Match of the Year in 2019. I feel like this should be co main eventing but it is what it is. This is going to be a hard hitting, high flying, no selling type of match and I can’t wait to see these to square off in the ring.

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