AD is Lebrons only hope

Anthony Davis maybe Lebrons only hope of the Lakers being legit contenders

Owners are complaining but he has been doing this for years and will continue to do so while he is still dominating the League on and off the court. Lebron James is with the Lakers and i think everyone is semi shocked as they are better than we expected. I can’t lie i had them scratching to get the 8th seed and then eliminated by the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. But even with early success Lebron is already looking forward to the 2019-2020 season as he begins recruiting for his team next year NOW.

With a stacked free agency class there is only 1 player that i feel like is Lebron’s only hope that will help him propel the Lakers and attract more players to LA and that’s Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis has been a top 5 player in this league for quite sometime but he is in a very unfortunate situation. He is a free agent in 2020 but is already exploring his options and causing speculations of a trade before the year ends. Lebron has already been recruiting him and some feel he is trying to convince AD to force a trade to the Lakers which will definitely turn on the WIN NOW switch and Lebron is smart for doing that. But even more here are some other reasons AD is Lebrons only hope:

Every other top free agent is in good situations

Let’s go down the List

  • Kawhi would be crazy to leave Toronto
  • KD will either stay or venture somewhere else to prove he can win on his own
  • Klay Thompson made it known he wants to stay in Golden state
  • Demarcus Cousin has too many questions marks and Lebron wants AD more than him
  • Jimmy will either stay in Philly or go up north with Kyrie’
  • Kyrie will either stay in Boston or go up north with Jimmy

Everyone is in a good place and personally i think all these superstars rather beat Lebron than play with him at this point. Any star is the easter conference would be crazy to go over to the West when the East is up for grabs.

More years are guaranteed for Lebron with AD playing with the Lakers

I’ve heard it all about how AD needs Lebron but have we ever questioned if Lebron needs AD because i do think that is the case. AD is young and nearly unstoppable. He can spread the floor, dominate the paint, and play defense. I don’t think Lebron has ever played with a big man who was the complete package and with him that will guarantee more years.

Lebron wouldn’t have to do so much. He wouldn’t have to play the post as much, score as much, hell he wouldn’t have to facilitate as much either as AD can play virtually any position on the courts. This will benefit Lebron more in the long run as he gets older and body takes more wear and tear. Anthony Davis is the answer for Lebron and if i were him i would continue to try and get him to LA before Danny Ainge and the Celtics put together a package.


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