Becky vs Ronda can still happen at WM35

It’s been a minute but major changes are coming.

Becky has lost her title and part of it is due to Ronda Rousey but she won’t have to wait long to regain her title and supremacy of Smackdown Live. At the Royal Rumble Becky Lynch will revoke her rematch clause for the Smackdown Live women’s championship. A Lot of people are already speculating that this rematch could put an end to the potential dream match of Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey at WM35 but in reality i don’t think this will destroy it at all.

3 things can happen

  1. Becky wins and goes on to face Ronda in a non title match at WM35

I’m not going to rule this out because i think that this feud is just the beginning to an all out war between the 4 horsewomen of WWE vs the 4 horsewomen of MMA which should kick start either before, during or after Wrestlemania. Unless WWE decides to combine the titles again if both of these ladies are still on 2 different shows than there match will definitely be a non title match and that’s it.

2. Becky wins Women’s Royal Rumble and then goes to Raw

If WWE really wanted to boost Raw ratings, having Becky and Rhonda under the same roof every night might do the trick if they handle it correctly. We have seen this before of someone losing a title match and then entering the Royal Rumble and if Becky did lose and come in at #30 it’s going to blow the rough off the place. Winning will always be a plus be that intense staredown and deep anticipation of knowing this match is official and nothing is going to stop it will cause some fans goosebumps. And then of course we are most likely looking at the first ever women’s main event in wrestlemania history.

3.  Ronda vs Becky happens for the belts but both is on the line

This will of course create higher stake and i think WWE will do this if they are truly desperate to make this match even more interesting than both of these superstars have. Doing this could bury a lot of the talent in the back but never say never. Becky has spoke before that just like Conor in his sport that she wants to be a duel champ and basically be THE MAN of smackdown and Raw and its possible.

I feel like this match is probably the most anticipated dream match that we have had in awhile. Asuka is finally champion and even though that’s in jeopardy i don’t think WE should put her reign at risk for a bigger build. If anything i say they go with option #2 which protects Asuka but also sets up a high profile match at Wrestlemania 35.

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