7 things that could happen over Survivor Series weekend and 1 thing that should

Alot of things can happen over this Survivor Series weekend

I love major PPV’s in the WWE (even though everything isn’t worth watching anymore), especially around this time because you kind of get a feel of what’s going to happen going towards WrestleMania. This weekend we have NXT Takeover Wargames II and Survivor Series. Here I’ve provided 8 things that could happen over this weekend and 1 thing that should happen. Make sure you check out NXT Takeover Wargame II and Survivor Series this Saturday and Sunday on the WWE Network.

*1 thing that should: You watching World Tag League

World Tag League 2018

I’m not expert in just a fan of wrestling just like you but if you’re not watching NJPW than you should be. NJPW is refreshing. Takes you away from the norm and gives you something new and unpredictable. Preferably I would say if you want to start watching NJPW, than start with Wrestle Kingdom. A lot has happened and NJPW kind of resets after their biggest show and it’s a little easier to follow. World Tag League is upon us and even without the Young Bucks it is a must watch and 1 thing you should do if you need something new.


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