NXT Takeover Wargames II: Preview, Predictions, and more

NXT Takeover Wargames II only has 4 matches this year but can still STEAL  the show on Survivor Series weekend

This Saturday in Los Angeles, CA NXT Takeover Wargames 2 will take place to kickoff Survivor Series weekend. Last year was WWE’s first time ever holding the Wargames match in the company and it was epic but this year should definitely be better. Due to timing there are only 4 matches on the card but even with 4 matches I think NXT will continue to top the main rosters loaded card. But let’s jump into some predictions as well as an overall thought of what’s to come Saturday night.

Match Predictions

Kairi Sane regains the NXT women’s championship

Velveteen Dream beats Tomasso Ciampa for the NXT Championship

Undisputed Era beats Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and War Raiders in War Games

Possible HOLY SH*T MOMENT!!!

Image result for candice lerae heel

*Candace Larea turns heel and aids Johnny in beating Aliester

Thoughts from a Fan

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Even with 4 matches on the card I still think that this will be an epic show. 4 matches mean a lot of wrestling time and I believe every match will top 25 minutes or more. With everything going on in NXT there is a lot of room for a lot of different story lines including a potential DIY reunion if Hunter decides to go that route?

I can’t lie a part of me wanted to see Riddle vs Ohno on the card as that would have been a great welcoming match to really show of the King of Bro’s skills as a wrestler against the hard hitting veteran of NXT.

Isn’t it ironic that one year ago Velveteen dream blew up with his match against Aliester at the first takeover wargames and now he is main eventing the 2nd one after a full year of stealing the show. This match should be a great main event and as much as I love Ciampa as champion, I think it’s time to lets Velveteen be the face of the company as he has proven he is worthy of it on the mic and in the ring and to this day is the best home grown superstar since John Cena.

I know a lot of people are skipping out on Survivor Series because the true main event isn’t happening anymore (Rousey vs Lynch). Look skip out on Survivor Series all you want but if anything make room for NJPW World Tag League and NXT Takeover Wargames II. The card is short but from top to bottom it’s going to be a great show. Many people don’t have faith in Shayna as a wrestler but her matches against Sane have not been bathroom break matches and they get better and better every time. Tune in and watch yet another historic event produced by Hunter in NXT. You can catch NXT live on Saturday at 7pm ET.

Thanks for reading and also check out my article on Survivor Series laying out my prediction and my thoughts.


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