WWE evolution 2018 Results and Review

WWE Evolution can be described with one word….HISTORIC

WWE Evolution is all set and done and now in the history books. A lot of people were split on this event include my fellow comrades from Pro Wrestling Talk on fb but even on a work day tired as hell I had to watch this historic event and it definitely was that….HISTORIC!!! Here are all the results for the matches that happen tonight:

Trish and Lita beats Mickie James and Alicia Fox

Nia Jax wins Battle Royal and shot at Raw Women’s title

Toni Storm wins Mae Young Classic

Sasha Banks, Bailey, Natalya beat The Riott Squad

Shayna Baszler becomes 2 time NXT women’s champion

Becky Lynch is the Last Women Standing and still your Smackdown Women’s championship

Ronda Rousey retains Raw Women’s championship against Nikki Bella

Match of the Night- Becky Lynch vs Charlotte (Last Women Standing)

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Even with a decent main event in Rousey vs Bella, I still say that Becky and Charlotte should have definitely been the ones to main event evolution. That match was spectacular from start to finish. They gave great story telling, great wrestling and you could tell the fans where tuned in filled with excitement. Next time they should let these 2 headlines because that match was hard to follow.

*Fun Fact: Asuka and Nikki Cross was the first last women standing match

Review from a Fan

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WWE Evolution didn’t get the proper build that it really deserved but the PPV was probably the most entertaining PPV (that wasn’t a takeover) that we have seen all year. WWE has their ups and downs but they were on to something here. I still feel that Rousey and Bella didn’t deserve to main event this but it is what it is. There was slow moments throughout the night and a lot of ring rust from veterans getting back into the groove but the perfect word to describe this event is ENTERTAINING. Everyone got a huge pop and you can also see what the fans where really excited about when it came to certain encounters between past and present superstars.

WWE congrats you put together something really good and I definitely think it should be something done yearly. I don’t like how Vince put this together a coping mechanism for the women wrestlers who were upset they can’t perform in Saudi Arabia but this PPV is probably going to be better than Crown Jewel anyway. Hats off to these Women, they are showing that they can put on an all-female PPV better than the men’s. Shout out to Nikki to, I give her crap and I thought this would be a squash match but she held her own.


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