WWE Evolution 2018: Preview, Time, Location, and Predictions

WWE Evolution 2018 will be WWE’s first ever all women’s PPV coming live from Uniondale NY this Sunday

I have some strong feelings about WWE Evolution but I will save that for the end. By the way my prayers do go out to Roman Reigns, he isn’t amongst my favorites but he is a work horse and his presence will be missed in the WWE. Now, “Ladies and Gentleman it’s the moment you been waiting for” (I still have to see the Greatest Showman).

A couple of months ago Stephanie announced something that was going to change the landscape of Women’s wrestling (in the WWE) forever. This Sunday live from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY WWE will have their first ever all-Women’s PPV named Evolution. This is definitely something historic and I will be tuned in as well but like I said I will save my overall thoughts for the end. Let’s be informative  first, WWE Evolution is highlighted by 2 of Michael Coles favorite superstars and I’m sure he will hype this up as a dream match for the ages(it’s really not). We have Ronda Rousey putting her title on the line against Nikki Bella and unfortunately that’s the main event of the show (saving comments until the end). The card is full of championship matches, finals of the mae young classic and also a lot of stars from the WWE’s past, present, and those who will continue to revolutionize Women’s Wrestling(in the WWE) in the future. Let’s take a look at this card and make some predictions:

Key Matches

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Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella- Raw Women’s Championship

This match will do nothing for the legacy that Ronda will build in the WWE. Everyone knows that Nikki is not a good in ring competitor and lacks the ability to put on memorable matches but she is a great heel. The best part of this feud was Ronda’s promo last week. In the end I think this will be another squash match and it’s really not deserving of main eventing this historic occasion (I get it. It’s a money thing). In the end Ronda will still be champion but it is time to find her a worthy opponent.

Prediction: Ronda Retains

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte- Last Women Standing (Smackdown Women’s Championship)

Now this is the match that really deserves to headline this PPV and every week they have been proving that. I know it, the fans know it and you who are reading this article waiting to fill it with negative comments know it. Last Women standing is the perfect match for this rivalry and Becky is hot right now. I expect her to still be the last Women Standing. We don’t need another Charlotte Flair reign right now, Becky is money and these 2 are putting on an epic rivalry that gets better every week.

Prediction: Becky retains and is the Last Women Standing.

Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler- NXT Women’s Championship

If you don’t watch NXT please tune in. These 2 never really get any buzz from their ring work together but it’s not half bad. Their rivalry has been brewing for a minute dating back to the first Mae Young Classic. Don’t knock this match off as the bathroom break match. This is one you might want to sit down and watch as their matches together gets better every time and with this one most likely being their climax it should be spectacular but Sane will win. It’s time for Shayna to move on to better things like a feud with Ronda Rousey.

Prediction: Kairi Sane retains (hey that rhymes)

Io Shirai vs Toni Storm- Mae Young Classic Finals

The Mae Young classic final is highlighted with 2 of the best women’s wrestler the world has to offer. They are both fast paced hard hitting superstars and their styles should make music in the ring together. If this match starts off the show it will be hard for any match to follow. In the end its Toni Storms time. Toni Storm was very close last year to making it to the finals but this year I don’t think she will let this slip. She will win and carry that momentum on to NXT UK. I’m still mad Piper Niven wasn’t in it.

Prediction: Toni Storm

Other Matches

Trish Stratus & Lita over Mickie James & Alexa Bliss (Possibly Alicia Fox if Bliss doesn’t recover)

Sasha Banks, Bailey, & Natalya over The Riott Squad

Ember Moon wins women’s battle royal

*Possible show stealer: Rhea Ripley retains NXT Women’s Championship over Isla Dawn

Final Thoughts from a Fan

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WWE buried their historic All-Womens PPV

To start off I’m I have nothing against women’s wrestling. If the wrestling is good it’s good, if it’s bad it’s bad that goes for men and women. But WWE Evolution has disappointed me and it’s not any of the participating superstar’s faults.

I loved the Idea of an all-women’s PPV for the WWE. It’s honestly about time. I know everyone is still split on Women’s wrestling but this isn’t the bathroom break matches that we are used to from the past. Women’s wrestling in the WWE has evolved and soon they will be main eventing major WWE shows like WrestleMania.

I really wish they would reschedule this event. For such an historic event WWE sure did bury it under everything else they are working on. I said before in one of my episodes on my podcast that this event was doomed and it was because of poor build and the creative teams focus on everything around them and that’s exactly what happened. They really didn’t put much effort into building this up to be something historic especially if it’s a first time thing for the company. They didn’t build it up like one of their glorified house shows. The only momentum they really have for the show is Ronda’s promo on Nikki that single handedly made their match main event worthy because of controversy and Charlotte and Becky trying to tear each other apart week after week. But all that was buried due to DX, The Undertaker, The shield storyline and the icing on the cake Dean Ambrose heel turn.

All these things took away from the creative team building up this PPV. In the end I still say watch. I think that even though they didn’t build it up like it should have been, it still will be a pretty good show. Tune in Sunday on the WWE Network for WWE’s first ever all women’s PPV. Kick off starts at 7pm ET and please like and share your thoughts and this post. Thanks for reading.

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