Velveteen Dream deserves an NXT Championship reign

Velveteen Dream is one of NXT hottest stars and a NXT Championship reign should be on the horizon

Velveteen Dream is a bonafide show steallahh!!!! Ever since his classic show down he has been one of NXT hottest if not the hottest star on the brand. From promos to in ring action he grabs your attention and keeps it with his words, moves, and even his ravishing Rick Rude like attire. Dream has been in NXT for a while and we all have to assume that we are getting closer and closer to him being called up but before that happens he needs the spotlight. Of course he already has the spotlight but I mean main event spotlight.

The mystery of who attacked Black is eventually going to come to an conclusion but I already have an idea of who did it (got that coming on my next article). While trying to uncover the mystery other story lines have been built like EC3 and Lars Sullivan but more importantly Dream and Ciampa. This in my opinion is a win-win-win feud. Ciampa needs another rival besides Gargano, fans get to see a rivalry that will deliver in every single category of professional wrestling and most importantly Velveteen Dream get his most deserved title shot and main event opportunity to steal the show and keep it.

Velveteen Dream needs a NXT championship opportunity. The time of putting over other superstars is ovahh. Leave that to someone else. Velveteen is hands down the biggest home grown talent since John Cena (sorry not sorry Roman) and he is ready now more than ever to carry a brand. He is one of WWE’s unique characters and from the looks of it he is one of a kind. Ciampa is WWE’s top heel right now and if we mix these 2 together I think they will have gold that could surpass a tired out Ciampa-Gargano feud.

The fire has already been lit. Both of these superstars have taken their potential feud from the NXT tapings right on to social media.

It’s only a matter of time before we get an altercation at full sail and Triple H will see from the crowd reaction that this match must happen. But in the end whether it happens at NXT Takeover Wargames or another takeover down the line, it is the Dreams hand that should be raised and the NXT will turn into NXDream.

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