NFL Week 6 Predictions

The Chiefs look to continue their hot streak and i plan to start mine with NFL Week 6 predictions

We are full of surprises in the NFL right now. Week 6 is full of some marquee matchups plus some test for teams like the Chiefs who are dominating the league right now. Let’s not ever hold you up with a recap as we are close to football once again and i’m on a winning streak in my fantasy league. Thursday starts off with a true rivalry between the Giants and the Eagles, i’m handing out predictions for that game and the rest for week 6.

Thursday Night Football

*Giants over Eagles

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All signs point to the Giants losing this game. On paper the Eagles are overall better than the Giants but it’s Thursday night football. Guess what….this season teams playing at home are undefeated on Thursday nights so that is one reason to take the Giants over the Eagles and another is the SB. The Eagles are just a shell of themselves right now and are still hungover from that Super Bowl. I’m a firm believer they will eventually snap out of it but not this week. Giants will win in a close game.


Sunday 1pm Games

*Falcons over Buccaneers

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It may be time for the Falcons to hit the panic button. Their secondary is nonexistent since losing both of their key safeties in the beginning of the year and the next man up is not stepping up. The offensive line isn’t protecting Matt Ryan at all plus Julio is racking up yards but not TD’s. The Buccaneers have not been the same either as Fitzmagic is gone now and Winston is back officially in the starting line up. I expect Winston to continue improving as he is a dark horse in the league and his on field play can show that for itself if he can stay out of trouble off the field. Either or the Falcons are in a must win situation right now and this week they shall win in a shootout.

Chargers over Browns

Colts over Jets

Seahawks over Raiders

Panthers over Redskins

Texans over Bills

Vikings over Cardinals

Steelers over Bengals

Bears over Dolphins


Sunday 4PM Games

Rams over Broncos

Ravens over Titans

Jags over Cowboys


Sunday Night Football

*Chiefs over Patriots

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Seriously this is not a test. The only test is how Mahomes will handle playing in New England. Eventually the Pats will turn it on a run wild over the AFC but i think that will start in Week 7. The Pats defense is just not good at all and i don’t care how many adjustments Bill makes that wont stop that high powered offense. I expect the Chiefs to win in convincing fashion but of course Brady wont go down without a fight.


Monday Night Football

Packers over 49ers


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