WWE Super Showdown predictions

Aussie will host its 1st WWE PPV as WWE Super Showdown comes to you live this Saturday on the WWE Network

WWE has a busy month and a lot of promoting to do for it but for now we have to start with another edition of a glorified house show called WWE Super Showdown. WWE Supershow down will be live this Saturday at 5am ET from Melbourne, Australia. This is hands down one of WWE’s biggest events and they have stacked the card with the past and present (still don’t feel like it’s worth waking up at 5am for). Rumors have been swirling and this is a spoiler free prediction so without further wait let’s get into these match predictions.

Cedric Alexander(C) vs Buddy Murphy- Cruiserweight Championship match

Not sure if Rey Mysterio will be on 205 Live but that’s for another day. Cedric is a great competitor and a great champion but I feel like the departure of 205 live from Raw is kind of hurting the brand and his reign as champion. Everything has been good but I’m ready for a change. Buddy can be the best heel on the brand and he is one of the most entertaining superstars on the brand. Sorry Cedric I can’t see Buddy losing in his homeland.  I think we are going to have a new champion.

Prediction: Buddy Murphy becomes champion

The New Day(C) vs The Bar- Smackdown Tag Team Champions

The New Day is always entertaining but so is The Bar. This match might steal the show but even if it does I think The Bar will walk out of Aussie the new champions. The New Day really has nothing left to accomplish as tag team champions.

Prediction: The Bar

Naomi & Asuka vs The IIconic Duo

This is a short and sweet prediction. The IIconic Duo is returning to homeland and will win just because of that. WWE might be working on a heel turn with Asuka and Naomi might be the bait.

Prediction: IIconic Duo

John Cena & Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens & Elias

Raw is just a complete mess and botch city. This is definitely a squash match and god forbid John Cena does not do his 6 move of death on live TV as its just terrible. Cena and Lashley will win but I hope it ends with Lashley going heel. If WWE can’t get anything right at least make that move with a future match between Lashley and Cena.

Prediction: SQASH MATCH!!!! Cena and Lashley

Daniel Bryan and The Miz

Winner of this Match will most likely fight for the WWE championship at Survivor Series. Bryan and The Miz have one of the most entertaining feuds on WWE to date and it’s just overall magic from the promos to the ring. Daniel has been one upped by the Miz the last few bouts but in Aussie we will see the yes Campaign officially get a restart as WWE will probably start to make the push for Bryan back to the top of the company. Bryan wins all night long.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan wins

AJ Styles(C) vs Samoa Joe- WWE Championship

HEEEYYYY WEENNNDDYYYY!!!!!!! I swear that never gets old. Smackdown is really pushing the bar of PG TV and these 2 are making magic with classic story telling and great matches. This will most likely be the last time we see these 2 face each other for a while. I love both of these wrestlers but it’s time for Samoa Joe to take his place as Smackdowns best bad guy and knock off AJ Styles. It’s been fun while it lasted but I got Joe walking out of Aussie with the belt…..FINALLY!!!!

Prediction: Samoa Joe becomes the new champion

Becky Lynch(C) vs Charlotte- Smackdown Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch is money and I hope that the WWE doesn’t pull a double turn. Just because she is over as a heel doesn’t mean we need to abandon ship. It’s natural for heels to be over in today’s wrestling industry (embrace the anti-hero). Becky is hot right now and WWE should really keep rolling with it. Smackdown ratings have been rising every week and part of that is due to her. In the ring she is solid and her second match with Charlotte should be better than her first but Charlotte has to take a seat back for now. Becky will win.

Prediction: BECKY 9:16!!!!!

Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey vs The Riot Squad

I’ll leave Brie alone about that head kick to Liv Morgan but I pray she doesn’t take another dive through the middle rope. This is another squash match that is only going to lead to Nikki Bella turning on Ronda to set up the worst main even for a first time PPV for the women of WWE.

Prediction: Bella’s and Rousey

The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

Their feud hasn’t been bad at all even though it’s another stint to get Roman over but all eyes are on Ambrose. WWE is teasing and building up the anticipation for Ambrose to turn heel. The Shield will win this match but I do think that it’s time to pull the plug. Ambrose is in desperate need of a change and it’s like he is now in the shadow of Rollins and Reigns. The Shield wins but I’ll say it again. Ambrose turns heel.

Triple H vs The Undertaker

The main factor of this match is Shawn Michaels. All signs point to an in ring return at Crown Jewel and a singles match at Survivor Series.  This is the last time we will see these 2 face off in a 1 on 1 match in a WWE ring. Taker has Triple H number but with Shawn Michaels in his corner Taker will lose this last bout. Outside interference will happen in this match and Taker will taste a sweet chin music before a pedigree as he loses his final singles match against Triple H and then on to crown Jewel we go for HBK’s return to in ring action.

Prediction: Triple H

WWE Supershow Down will be live on the WWE Network Saturday Oct 6 at 5am ET. Also check out my 5 things I think will happen at WWE Super Showdown here.


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