NFL Week 5 predictions

Week 5 in the NFL starts with a soap opera showdown with Colts and Patriots and also includes a rematch from the NFC Championship game

The NFL is really heating up with a lot of head scratchers and head turners. As the NFL is starting to hit its stride we are starting to see the pretenders from he contenders but that’s for another article. Let’s go head and get into some week 5 predictions with some huge matchups this week in the NFL.

Thursday Night Football

*Patriots over Colts

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One of the biggest soap opera moments of the summer was the Patriots OC Josh McDaniels swerving the Colts after accepting a head coaching position with the team so for the 2nd Thursday game on fox we get a revenge game. The Patriots are being the Patriots putting out the bait and everyone took it until they beat down the Dolphins on Sunday.

Both teams are coming off a short week and even in a loss my Colts look aggressive and have a lot of promise but they are playing the Patriots in New England and even on a short week with a 41 year old Tom Brady its still hard to bet against the Pats. Colts will try to get revenge but Pats will win. Oh yea did I forget to mention that they are getting Edelman back this week?

Sunday 1pm Games

Titans over Bills

Panthers over Giants

Ravens over Browns

Packers over Lions

*Jaguars over Kansas City

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If anyone can slow down Pat Mahomes and the high powered Chiefs offense it’s the Jags. Their secondary has enough weapons to challenge and even Neutralize the Kansas City run game and the passing game plus their front 7 is fast enough to keep up with Hunt and Pat Mahomes. This will definitely be a true test for the Chiefs right before another test against the Patriots the following week. I don’t expect a high scoring affair but I anticipate the Jags walking out with a victory.

We need to put some respect on Black Bortles name, no one is talking about it but dude is killing it this season with some big performances and don’t be surprise if he goes wild over that Kansas City defense. Their defense isn’t the best and has given up a lot of points this season.

Pittsburgh over Falcons

Sunday 4pm Games

Chargers over Raiders

*Vikings over Eagles

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Last year ended in disaster after the Miracle in Minnesota for the Vikings. The Eagles gave them a serious beat down and went on to win the Super Bowl but that’s in the past and they can dwell on that in the offseason. The goal is to keep winning but the Eagles have had to much to drink and that Super Bowl hangover is still looming but its ok the Vikings will give them a wakeup call.

The Vikings have nothing but revenge on their mind plus a new QB who is putting up some numbers. I don’t expect a complete blow out but if the Eagles don’t play with some urgency and protect Carson Wentz they are going to get beaten down by their Vikings and the landscape of the NFC will continue to change. Oh yea did I mention that this Eagles defense is not stellar like it was last year and the Vikings have one of the best offenses in the league minus their missing run game?

Rams over Seahawks

Sunday Night Football

Cowboys over Texans

Monday Night Football

Saints over Redskins


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