5 things that can happen at WWE Super Show Down

WWE has the opportunity to set up alot at WWE Super Show Down

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Another glorified house show is on its way this Saturday from Australia as WWE continues to try and make history and everything seems to be pointing towards WrestleMania day outside of America. WWE Super showdown will be live this Saturday at 4am ET but you guys and sleep in for this event it’s not like its NJPW and it’s a must to get up and watch it, I mean come on man it’s the WWE( I kid, I kid….or am I?) But anyways even if it’s a glorified house show WWE always tries(key word tries) to build stories leading into other events and with WWE Evolution, Crown Jewel and Survivor Series coming up there is a lot they can do but let’s jump into something’s that can happen at WWE Super Showdown along with the likelihood of it happening:


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