NFL Week 4 predictions

Week 4 in the NFL has alot of storylines going, who will comeout on top and keep building momentum?

Ladies and gents….here lies my week 3 predictions. Majority of them died during the 1pm games of the NFL but they are revived by the Baker Mayfield Show… but thats the past now so lets move on to week 4. My predictions in week 3 were ram-shacked and bamboozled by some surprising wins and loses. In total i went 4-11 but i have high hopes for this week so i give you guys my predictions for all the week 4 games.

*Thursday Night Football

Rams over Vikings

Thursday Night football has officially moved to fox and they are kicking it off with a bang. These are 2 of the NFC best teams and a lot of people can see one of these teams coming out the NFC. The Rams are beat up in the secondary losing both of their starters at CB (Peters may play). Cousins were destroyed last week against the Bills and this Rams front 7 will try to give them the same treatment. Plus here is an interesting number to know teams are 0-10 on Thursday nights when traveling 2 or more time zones to the west. Sorry Cousins I don’t think you like that.

Sunday 1pm games

Colts over Texans

Packers over Bills

Bears over Buccaneers

*Dolphins over Patriots

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The Patriots are 1-2 and really it’s no reason to panic because they are a marathon team. The Dolphins rarely beat the Patriots and the last time they beat the Patriots at home Tom Brady was hurt. This Dolphins team is very suspicious but the Patriots are just in complete turmoil on both sides of the ball. The defense once again is just not good and all hope for the Patriots offense is in the hands of josh Gordon (that’s both good and bad). If Gordon plays than the Patriots offense may move the ball but for now his status is up in the air and even without an impressive win I still favor the Dolphins winning a huge game that can really determine the fate of the AF East.

Lions over Cowboys

Bengals over Falcons

*Fun Fact: Fans are calling Matt Ryan “Indoor Andy” and the falcons are 1-5 in their past 6 games against the AFC and 7-13 since the 2013 season.

Jaguars over Jets

Eagles over Titans

Sunday 4pm games

*Browns over Raiders

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The Baker Mayfield show has arrived and the Cleveland fans are loving it. His first test is against the Raiders. Words cannot describe how sad the Raiders situation is. John Gruden saying he needs a pass rusher when he had one and basically let him walk without a single phone call. The Raiders still don’t know how to hold a league going into the second half and I expect fireworks from this Cleveland offense with Mayfield behind center. The offense flows better and the team as a whole has more energy when he is on the field making plays.

Seahawks over Cardinals

*Josh Rosen will get is first start against a Seahawk’s team looking to build momentum with in the NFC West with Jimmy G on the shelf. The numbers are not in Rosen’s favor as the Cardinals are 1-6 in their last 7 games in September and 3-7 in their last 10 games against teams with a losing record.

Saints over Giants

Chargers over 49ers

Sunday Night Football

Ravens over Steelers

 Monday Night Football

*Chiefs over Broncos

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All eyes are on Pat Mahomes. He is lighting it up and setting records and now is the favorite over Aaron Rodgers to win the MVP. But on another note you have to believe that teams are taking notes and I believe in the future we are going to see more a team sitting their QB’s for a full year and unleashing them the next. Welcome to the Pat Mahomes experience. The Broncos have a good team and Case Keenum is not bad but I don’t think that defense will be able to handle that high scoring offense that can kill you on the ground and especially in the air.



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