Welcome to the Baker Mayfield show

The Baker Mayfield show has began in Cleveland

I was all in on the Browns winning last night. 2-2 on Thursday nights sounds way better than 0-35-1 on Sundays. Cleveland fans have 2 reasons to rejoice. They finally get their free beer and the Baker Mayfield show has finally arrived and the Pilot episode was a must watch. The Browns look set to lose another game and Tyrod Taylor look terrible and unfortunately went out with a concussion. The fans were dead and all hope was lost but #6 changed all that right when he stepped on the field.


The Browns were down by 14 and Baker in his first NFL career showed that he can play from behind and lead game winning drives. Everything changed. The ball was moving more, Carlos Hyde woke up, Jarvis Landry turned into a beast, and the defense was playing with more energy. Baker Mayfield completely changed the game and the energy in Cleveland in 30 mins(1 half of football).


The #1 overall pick and former heisman winner led the Browns to their first win in over 600 days and the Jets had no answer for them as they were held to only 3 points since he stepped on the field. Baker finished with 200 yards passing in his debut and the Browns even stole the philly special for a 2 point conversion. Baker has been waiting for his moment and now he is deemed the next superstar in Cleveland.


Twitter went nuts and so did the people of Cleveland but the only question now is what’s next? Hue has yet to confirm that Mayfield will be the started next week but seriously you can’t turn back now. You can see the difference in the team when he is playing and that’s something you can’t turn back on. The fans will call for him and Tyrod knew that his tenure with Cleveland was only temporary. This is Baker’s job now win or lose.


Baker has a chance to lead the Browns to 2 straight wins next Sunday as they take on the dysfunctional Oakland Raiders and they can’t seem to win a game win they have the league going into the 2nd half of a game which is a plus after the performance we just saw. Drink up Cleveland fans, you got your first win in over 600 games, found your franchise QB after nearly 2 decades and your get free beer plus freedom from the pit of misery…….diddly diddly oh yeah and I almost forgot…….*Glass Shatters, Stone Cold musics hits, and Jim Ross screaming


BAKER 9:20 BAKER 9:20!!!!!!!!!!


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