WWE Hell In a Cell 2018 predictions

Can Braun Strowman win the Universal championship at WWE Hell in a Cell 2018?

WWE Hell in a Cell is this sunday and i’ve already got into everything i think could happen but let’s jump into some match predictions as well. Hell in a Cell is live from San Antonio, TX this Sunday on the WWE Network. The kick off show starts at 6pm ET with the PPV going live at 7pm ET.



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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose become Raw tag team champions

It’s hard to be against the Shield even when you like ZIggler and McIntyre as raw tag team champions. Anything can happen on Raw when Vince is trying to get Roman over and if that means the Shield holding all the belts than so be it. I think this will be the match of the night but expect Ziggler’s and McIntyre’s reign to come to an end after only 2 weeks. Seth and Dean will be Raw tag team champions again and we are gonna have to continue to guess when Dean Ambrose will turn heel.

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The New Day retain but Aiden turns on Rusev

The New Day are once again your W……W……E…World…Tag….Team….CHAMPIONNSS!!!!. I have to say i love the Pancake announce table and them on the announce team as well but let’s get back to ring action. Rusev once again will have his moment to shine just to lose once again. The New Day continue to find ways to stay hot even when you think it’s time for a split. They will retain but i think Aiden will turn on Rusev at some point during the match and cost him the titles.

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Randy Orton beats Jeff Hardy

*Fun Fact: This is Jeff Hardy’s first ever Hell in a Cell match

Jeff has been wrestling for almost 2 decades and still has the ability to give you memorable matches. Randy is back to his sadistic ways and is coming after all the fan favorites. This match should be a solid one as i can’t remember a bad match between the 2. Expect a lot of holy shit moments from Jeff as he will surely aim to make his first HIAC match one for the ages but Randy will win in the end. He is fresh and has new purpose there is no need for WWE to derail one of the best heels to ever step in the business so early.

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella beats The MIz and Maryse

I’m still trying to figure out who told the WWE we wanted to see the Bellas wrestle. The Miz and Bryan have a very entertaining feud that has no need for either of these women but still Bryan and Bella will win. NEXT!!!!

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Ronda Rousey retains but Nikki turns on her

I pray that this match is longer and better than the one at Summerslam plus Ronda does less talking. Rousey maybe be champion to soon but she is champion. The most Alexa can do is redeem herself from this squash match that happened at Summerslam other than that the entire Raw Women’s roster is doomed with Ronda as champion and The Bellas lurking around as female part timers Vince cant get enough off.


Evolution is next month and for now it looks like Bella vs Rousey is our headliner(why god why!!!) If Nikki Bella is present than i do expect her to turn on Rousey to start building for their match at WWE Evolution.

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Becky Lynch will finally be Smackdown Women’s champion again

This is one of the WWE’s most exciting feuds. Becky Lynch as a heel is money and WWE is thinking about doing a double turn(they better not). Lynch has been waiting for her moment and this Sunday she will get it. Lynch will become champion and the “Relentlass” Era will begin. Becky 9:16!!!!!!

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Samoa Joe dethrones AJ Styles

I love this feud and both of these superstars. This feud is a classic that i will remember for years to come and Samoa Joe is doing some of his best work as a heel since NXT(HEEYYY WENDYYY!!!) AJ has been champion for a while but it’s time for him to go home for a while and be a father to his kids but its ok Samoa Joe will send him home and Wendy can read him a bedtime story after Samoa Joe takes his title and makes him go Night Night.

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Roman Reigns retains Universal title

You mines well say Roman will win every match for now on but this is one of his better feuds. Unlike Romans other matches this one should not disappoint. Oh yea and Mick Foley is the special guest referee for those who care. Roman wins, Roman wins, Roman wins. That’s all you need to know.


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