NFL Week 2 Predictions

NFL Week 2 is highlighted by Packers vs Vikings and Jags vs Pats.

Week 1 is in the books and not all my predictions came true. Overall i went 6-8-1 for week 1 and really reached while underestimating some teams. But it’s time to move on no need to hold on to the past (*Cough Jon Gruden). Week 2 in the NFL starts tomorrow so lets get down to all the predictions for this upcoming week in the NFL(i have a good feeling about this week)

Thursday Night Football

Bengals over Ravens


Sunday- 1:00pm games

*Chiefs over Steelers

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Pat Mahomes is good, i mean really good and it’s not like he played a bad defense last week. The Chargers have a really good defense but the Chiefs offense has a lot of fire power. I’ve always been suspicious of the Steelers D because in reality it’s not really that good. This game may be a shoot out but im calling the Kansas City Chiefs walking away with a victory with Pat Mahomes duplicating his performance from Week 1.

*Jets over Dolphins

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The Jets devoured the Lions on Monday and Sam Darnold played pretty good after throwing the pick 6 on his first attempt. Their defense is looking good and this week they are going against a decent Dolphins team. I only got this starred because i expect Darnold to have his official coming out party this week.

Eagles over Buccaneers

*Saints over Browns

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The Saints look like they turned back the clock 3 years on Sunday. That top notch Saints defense from 2017 was nowhere to be found as Fitzmagic had a field day. The Browns played one hell of a game and don’t get me wrong i do see the Saints winning this but don’t be surprised if Cleveland fans get their free beer this week as the Saints should be on upset watch.

Redskins over Colts

Chargers over Bills

*Vikings over Packers

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Rodgers maybe hurt but he will play and he is going to play against the same team that cut his season short last year. The Vikings are overall better than the Packers and the only reason the Packers get so much credit is because of Aaron Rodgers. With or without him Rodgers will not get his revenge and the Vikings will win this game. “You Like That”

Falcons over Panthers

Texans over Titans

Sunday- 4:00 pm games

Rams over Cardinals

49ers over Lions

Broncos over Raiders

*Jaguars over Patriots(Marquee Match up)

Sunday Night Football

Giants over Cowboys

Monday Night Football

Bears over Seahawks

Make sure you check back after Week 2 to read out top takeaways from the week and drop your predictions in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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