5 huge takeaways from NFL Week 1

NFL Week 1 is in the books, here are 5 huge takeaways.

Week 1 is in the books and most of my predictions for week 1 got busted up(gotta love the unpredictability of week 1 in the NFL) But with that being wrapped up and teams gettin ready for the marathon which is the NFL season i found 5 huge takeaways from week 1 that you should know about. Look out for Week 2 predictions soon as my NFL guru is back and we will be predicting games week to week all season long.


Mahomes is legit

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I think everyone doubted him coming into the season but Mahomes shut down all the critics with a stellar week 1 performance. With Matt Nagy departure this offseason no one knew what to expect from this Chiefs team. They traded away their top CB to the Rams and now their defense is looking a little shaky but that offense is looking like one of the best in the league. Mahomes look like a legit MVP candidate from his performance against a good Chargers team. The went 15-27 and finished with 256 yards passing and 4 TDs. Philip Rivers even praised Mahomes after the game.


The Ravens aren’t as bad as people think

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Ok i know that they played the Bills, but this defense was good last year too but the offense was the star of the show. Flacco’s is loving his new receiving corps. The Ravens beat the Bills 47-3 and Flacco’s threw 3 or more TDs to his wideouts for the first time since 2014. The Bills are the Bills but this Ravens team is nothing to sleep on especially when Flacco has weapons on offense and their defense is still dominant.


*Return of the NFC North King

I cant like i been listening to Return of the Mack since Spice Adams dropped that video about the Bears before and after the trade but the return happened Sunday night and K Mack had one hell of a first half and disappeared in the second. I mean he hasn’t played football in a while and missed training camp so we can expect him to be gassed a little but that will change as the year goes on but let’s look at the real hero here. Aaron Rodgers put on a 1 legged clinic Sunday night.

Down 20-3 and carted off Rodgers decided to come back and get on the field in a marquee moment for the Packers early in the season. Rodgers went on to win a ass kicking contest on one leg. Not only did he complete the biggest comeback in his career, he almost threw for 300 yards and had 3 TD passes in the process. Rodgers status for week 2 is up in the air but for now he showed everyone that he is still the King of the North.


The Falcons need a new OC

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I still have high expectations for my Atlanta Falcons but something needs to change. Defensively we will get better as the season goes on but we took a huge loss with Neal being out for the season. Offensively we should be the best offense in the game. I can only put so much on Matt Ryan but we really need something to change on offense. After watching that game on Thursday the only thing that crossed my mind was our offense is really basic and we need to spread the ball.

I literally clapped every time someone else got targeted that jersey number wasn’t 11. The offense looked predictable out there. The OC is already on the hot seat but with a few more performances like what we saw on Thursday i can say that we will see a new coordinator by week 8.

*Fun Fact: The Falcons lost to the Eagles the same way twice.


The Browns win even with a tie

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This was my upset of the week and it nearly happened. I will continue to tell people that this year Browns team is not going 0-16 and if everything clicks they can make a push for the Wild Card. The Browns played a great game with a lot of room to improve but the defense stole the show pressuring Big Ben and forcing turnovers. The game ended in a tie and Cleveland fans will have to wait a week for potential free bear but they don’t have any reason to hold their head down after this tie. Hard fought game against a huge AFC threat. This time will come with consequences for either one of these teams but the end of the year.


*Bonus: No new coaches won a game in Week 1

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New year and new head coaches and not a single one got a win this week.

  • Pat Shurmur and Giants fell to Jags 20-15
  • Frank Reich and my Colts loss to the Bengals 24-23
  • Mike Vrabel and Titans loss to Dolphins 27-20
  • Steve Wilks and Cardinals loss to Redskins 24-6
  • Aaron Rodgers took Matt Nagy’s first win away
  • Matt Patricia got embarrassed by the Jets(THE JETS!!!)
  • Jon Gruden was missing K Mack as the Rams pulled away 33-13

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