NFL Scores and BRIEF Game Reviews

Ok so we got SO much to get to but heres a quick summary of the games and scores.

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LA Rams 33

Oakland 13

This game had the story lines with Grudens first game back vs the LA Rams and their new Super Team but the game played out how we thought it would with the Rams winning easily. The game was close and even tied at the half but eventually the Rams wore them down and the Raiders losing Mack is already showing. Carr threw 3 picks and has to play better. The Rams looked good but they still have work to do and have to learn to play together  but great start for them.


New York Jets 48

Detroit lions 17

Maybe the 2nd biggest surprise of the week. The Lions were big favorites to win but the young Jets team led by Sam Darnold and  Jamal Adams WIPED the floor with them. This game was never close and Sam Darnold looked good despite throwing a pick 6 on his first attempt. Stafford threw 4 interceptions and continues to prove why hes overrated.


PHI Eagles 18

Atlanta Falcons 12

A very sloppy game but the defending Super Bowl Champs won in almost the exact same fashion that they beat the Falcons in last years playoff game. The Falcons offense looked sluggish and their redzone issues from last season arent fixed. Dont know what to make of either team so far but Eagles get the win.


Baltimore Ravens 47

Buffalo Bills 3

This was such a beating and it could have been alot worse if the Ravens wanted it to be. The Bills for some reason seem to love this QB called Nathan Peterman but hes looked like the worst QB in NFL history in his two starts. Rookie QB John Allen got some reps in and will probably start next game but no matter who starts this Bills team looks like they are in for a rough ride all season. The Ravens on the other hand look great and that defense is back.


Pittsberg Steelers  21

Cleveland Browns 21

A TIE!?!? both teams would feel better with a loss cause at least you know how to feel but the Steelers had this game…..about 5 times…..but the Browns would simply not not die, they kept making great play after great play on defense in the final minutes to give their offense a chance. Sadly the offense couldnt take advantage and in the end they only managed to tie it up. The Browns had a chance to win it with a very makeable field goal at the end of overtime but it got blocked which left the game as a tie. I felt so bad for them and watching the game you could see and feel that they were trying their best to finally win a game but maybe next year….


Cincinnati Bengals 34

Indianapolis Colts 23

To me this was game of the week, alot of back and forth action and big plays on both sides all game long. The Colts had two score lead a couple of times during this game  but the Bengals kept crawling back to eventually take the lead. The Colts were driving to take a game leading score but Jack Doyle got leveled deep in CIN terrotary and fumbled the ball which was ran back by the defense for a Touchdown. It was a very fitting end to one of the best games i seen in a while but the good news is Andrew Luck looks great and healthy again.


Miami Dolphins 27

Tennesee Titans 20

I think this game is still going so ill get back to you when its finished…….Nah to be honest i didnt watch this game because it had serveral long rain delay breaks so i dont know what happened but i think the Dolphins surprised alot of people by the way they played. They havent got any off season press but they could be a sneaky tough team to watch.



Minnestoa Vikings  24

San Francisco 49ers  16

This game wasnt as close as it looked. The Vikings are one of the best teams in the  NFL and are on a Superbowl or bust mission with their big prize free agent Kirk Cousins while the 49ers have their new QB of the future  in Jimmy G so there was some interest surrounding this game but the 49ers were no match and Jimmy looked very average. We will have alot more on Jimmy G so stay tuned.  Kirk looked ok and if he plays well this Viking team is scary good.


New England Patriots 27

Houston Texans 20

Another game that was never close despite the final score. Hey remember when everybody was panicing about Brady and the Patriots all off season? Well like i KEPT telling you guys there is nothing to worry about and they will do what they have been doing for the last 18 years…..ill speak alot more on them in future blogs but on the flip side Deshaun Watson looked very rookieish, hes still young and back from injury so ill give him time to come back and the Texans have a very very good team to compete  but sorry guy the Patriots are going to go 13-3 with a first round bye again…..seriously when will you guys learn.


Tampa Bay Bucceneers 48

New Orleans Saints 40

WHAAATTT???? This game was insane!!! There was not a soul in the world that saw this coming, i admit my superbowl pick is the Saints this year and we all thought their defense had finally turned the corner but it reverted back to old ways. Its even more shocking that it was long time journey man back up Ryan Fitzpatrick who was dealing the damage and he ended up with like 400 yard and 5 touch downs or something crazy. The Saints will be back ill put this game down to a weird fluke.


Jaxonsiville Jaguars 20

NY Giants 15

Kind of a messy game here but the Jags defense is for real. 2nd overall pick Saquan Barkley ran or a 60+ yard touch down which made us all say ”Ohhh thats why they drafted him!” All Pro match up OBJ vs Jalen Ramsey was the selling point for this game and they had a great battle but i think OBJ won the battle but Ramsey won the war.


Kansas City Chiefs 38

LA Charges 28

So all off season long ive had to hear about the Chargers going to the superbowl….not to fast the Chiefs arent going to lay down so easily, they are somewhat in rebuilding mode but they looked very impressive on sunday. Im still not sold on Mahomes yet but he played great and Tyrek Hill was as fast and as sizzling as ever. The Chargers meanwhile have one of the most talented rosters but they will find a way to go 9-7 and miss the playoffs so im not even going to waste time on them today.


Washington Redskins 24

Arizona Cardinals 6

So if you have been following my  blogs you will notice that i have been the biggest Alex Smith supporter for ages. He will never get the credit but once he went to the Redskins i knew he would solidify the QB position. Adrian Peterson looked great as well much better then the last few years,  this game will get swept under the rug but it was one of the most dominant performances of the week, on the flip side the Cardinals looked flat on offense and Sam Bradford looked disengaged on the sidelines, time to start Josh Allen? i think so because we have seen more then enough of Bradford.


Carolina Panthers 16

Dallas Cowboys 8

Another sloppy game with very little action so ill keep it short. The Cowboys have no playmakers on the outside and we said all off season that it will be a problem come game time but the Cowboys skipped along saying they like their guys and they will be fine but thats just nonsense…u cant go into game day with a 4th striner as your go to guy. They have Zeke Elliot whos a top RB but he cant run against 10 man boxes consistently, both defenses looked good at least.


Denver Broncos 27

Seattle Seahawks 24

This was actually a very good game with alot of back and forth action but all eyes were on Case Keenum as the new starting QB for the Broncos and he managed to get a win. It wasnt pretty and he threw 3 INTS but when it came to crunch time he delivered. Both defenses played pretty well highlighted by Von Millers 3 sacks and Seattle dont look like a team thats taken as many back steps as many predicted, this game could have gone either way but i can see both teams being competitive all season.


Green Bay Packers 24

Chigaco Beara 23

This was a great game and one of those that you put in the history books. The Bears led by Khail Mack dominated the first half and knocked Rodgers out the game early and left the field at hal time with a 20-0 lead. Many of us thought Rodgers could be done for the season or at least the game and the way the Bears and Packers looked it looked like there was no way the Packers could come back……But guess who stepped on the field at the start of the 3rd quarter? Aaron Rodgers. He looked like he was playing on 1 leg but he made throw after throw and couldnt be stopped, it looked like the Bears were just standing there watching him torch them, the Bears offense also stalled and the Packers eventually came back to win 24-23 and left a stunned Bears shell shocked especially after such a dominating first half. Khail Mack looked great  filled the stat sheet with a sack,forced fumle,recovered fumble and an INT for a touchdown, it was as good a half as you can have and possibly the best debut a defender has ever had with a new team but they still fell short but this defense will be a force all season.


Was a great GREAT start to the season with so many games coming down to the wire but theres still so much to talk about so keep checking back with us for daily blogs.































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