NFL: New Faces In New Places

So how did some of this off seasons big acquisitions do? Lets just get into it

Khail Mack DE -Chicago Bears – Traded From Oakland

Did anybody have a better debut for a new team then this guy?? After a contract hold out and a huge off season trade Khail Mack didnt take long to make his presence felt.

Listen to these stats. 1 Sack 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery 1 INT for a Touchdown. He also had several pressures and i think anybody watching knows hes worth the money. On the flip side Oakland clearly lacked pass rush vs the Rams and both Gruden and Raider fans had to be cringing watching Macks performance on Sunday.


Alex Smith QB- Washington Redskins- Traded from Kansas City

As i keep saying Alex Smith is the most underrated QB in the NFL and its not even close. The Chiefs promptly traded Smith after a very good run with him at the helm to the hapless Redskins but this move didnt get the attention it deserved but i tell you what he looked GREAT on sunday. His stats? 70% Completion percentage with 255 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hes been doing this for the last 7 or 8 years so im not surprised and if you have been following my blogs you’ll see i called this.

He did what he always does which is simply get it done, he spread the ball around made every correct throw and even ran for some key first downs. He plays smart consistent football and if the defense can play slightly above average then Smith is going to win alot of games for this team. Look for the Redskins to be a dark horse all season.

Actually i should also mention future 1st ballot hall of famer Adrian Peterson who joined the team only about 2 months ago, he was productive and had 96 rushing yards and another 70 receiving. He looks better then he has in the last few years and i think he will have a 1000 season, doesnt sound like much but considering about a month ago he was on the couch and thought to be washed up im sure the Skins are more then happy with what they have seen so far.


Kirk Cousins QB – Vikings- Free Agent

I guess i have to talk about Kirk yet again….As we know he was the big free agent fish in the pool this season and the Vikings nabbed him to embark on their superbowl or bust mission. He got off to a good start winning and playing well but this was to be expected.

He has the team to go as far as the end and im not saying they have to go 16-0 but anything less then a fast start will be unacceptable considering the off season hype. This team will be under close watch all season and look for them to contend as the top dog in the NFC this season.


Jimmy G QB – 49ers – Traded from NE

Im cheating a bit with this one because he came over very late last season but this is the first year hes getting to lead a team as the true stater and franchise QB on opening week so it counts…

He was signed to a massive deal in the offseason and nobody has been more hyped then this guy, he took over for a horrible franchise and won all his 5 starts and everybody expected him to emerge as a top QB this season.

Well as usual i dont follow the hype and i told everyone to chill since he hasnt proven anything, i got grilled for it but so far hes not looking to good. Its still early but now teams have tape on him he wont find things as easy, he did make some good throws and showed why he was signed but hes still young and only has 8 starts under his belt so give him some more time before you put him in canton.

To be fair he was against the monstrous Vikings defense but his opening day start has to be a bit of a let down for the 49er faithful.


Tyron Taylor QB – Browns – Traded from Buffalo

Taylor is not the future of this team and hes keeping the seat warm for electric 1st overall pick Baker Mayfield, he knows it we all know it but he was brought in to try solidify the offense till hes ready and maybe win some games in the mean time.

Hes a good QB who deserved to start the season but he didnt play well at all. he had less then 50% completion and blew several chances to win this game. He did manage to tie the game in the end but he has to play better to justify Hue Jacksons decision to start him.

Hes still the starter for now but if he plays like this for another week or two then it will be Baker time.


Case Keenum QB – Broncos – Free Agent

Case played as good as anyone last season and came within 1 game of making the superbowl last season but he wasnt retained by the Vikings who instead decided to sign Kirk Cousins but the Broncos wanted Case all along and they got him for a cheaper rate.

Ill start off by saying he did look a BIT shaky at times and he threw 3 INTS but he also showed grit and big play ability and managed to bring his team back against a good seattle defense. Hes one of those guys that will never give up and fight to the end and thats nice but he has to be a bit more solid going forward, he only threw 7 INTS last season so i expect him to settle down but either ways hes an upgrade over what they had last season so hes another to watch closely this season because the Broncos team wants to win now and have the team to do so.


LA Rams – Everybody – Brought in from everywhere

The Rams had one of the busiest off seasons ive ever seen and they brought in a bunch of blue chip players and they all played a part in mondays win vs Oakland. Not to much to go by in the stats sheet but Marcus Peters did grab a late INT for a touch down which is something he did alot with the Chiefs.

This team made moves to get to the superbowl right now and have been dubbed as a ”Super Team” so it will be exciting to watch this team all season because they really do have the players to 100% dominate every game they play.







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