NFL: Are The Young QBs Ready To Take Over The Next Generation??

Listen if you want to win consistently in the NFL you need a QB period.

Its the most important position in all of sport and without one you are very unlikely to win a Superbowl….Before you guys hit me with the ”Trent Dilfer and  Brandon Johnson did it” then go ahead but how many times has that happened? Also those two QBs were with two of the greatest defenses in NFL History so that situation doesnt happen often how many times have we said ”If only that team had a QB they could contend”? Exactly…so lets talk about the new wave of young QBs who look promising.


We have had quite a good run on QBs lately and all these guys have been given the starting job and the keys to their franchise. The Mannings Brady Brees Big Ben era is coming to an end soon and these guys should be next in line to take their places.


This list is in no particular order but lets see what we got here.

Jimmy Garoppolo – SF 49ers

He was Bradys back up for a few years and won two superbowls on the bench but he  was traded to the SF 49ers at the trade deadline last season.

He played pretty well and won the 5 games he started then got paid 137 million dollars in the offseason to be their guy of the future.

He has generated alot of buzz in the mean time and it looks like a new era is starting in SF and it will be interesting to see how far he can take this team although i personally feel they need another year or two but at least this team is finally moving in the right direction after some dreadful basement years. It should be noted that hes never lost as a starter in his 7 starts as a pro for NE and SF but i do think we need to slow the brakes on him yet because no matter what hes done he hasnt given a long enough sample size to judge him.

Deshawn Watson – Houston Texans

Man o man was there a more explosive start to anybodys career?? Watson burst onto the scene and was leading the league in touch down passes before he got hurt, i believe it was 17 total TDS in 4 games or something crazy, he can throw and run and brings an electric play making presence that we havent seen for a while but listen….i have one concern, remember Vince Young? RG3? Vick and even Kapernick, remember they burst onto the scene and dazzled us and confused defenses in their first year and looked on the rise then injuries and game tape caught up to them.

Once defense get to study these scrambling QBs they take away what they like to do and the running lanes and bootlegs dont work as well but this guy could be different as he actually likes to throw from the pocket but  Im hoping he doesnt suffer the same fate as those other guys.

If he is the real deal the Texans should be a threat to make moves in the AFC,  they have a complete roster in fact they have had a great roster for a while now and have needed that one franchise  QB to take them up another level and if things go as planned this could be that guy and  he could be the the most exciting player in the NFL to watch this season.

Patrick Mahomes

I might be missing something here but i personally dont see Mahomes as a franchise QB jjust  but everyone else seems convinced that hes the next big star so ill assume im wrong for missing the boat but anyways hes taking over from Alex Smith and it will be alot harder to replace him then people think. One thing for sure is that this kid has a powerful arm and hes going to make some big flashy plays but expect some mistakes on the way.

I  know that nobody has respect for Alex Smith most people think Mahomes is an upgrade and maybe he will be one day but not right now.

Hes the opposite of Smith who  was a master at managing the game and keeping his team  and defense in good shape but Mahomes is a risk taker, a gun slinger and hes still very raw so i wonder if hes ready to truly carry a team yet.

Remember when he was drafted they said he might need 2 years on the bench and hes taking over a team that won the division the last 2 years and has been consistently in the playoffs so he has a standard to up hold I think the Chiefs need another year to truly get over the Smith move and another concern is  how bad the defense is gonna be.

Smith would protect his defense by not turning the ball over but Mahomes will be giving up alot more turn overs and bad field position which could leave an already vulnerable defense even more exposed  which is expected by a young QB so will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Hes one to watch for the future and he will have some sizzling plays but also  expect some growing pains.


Carson Wentz

Wentz took the next step last season after an average rookie campaign and was in the running for MVP before he got hurt, many argue that hes already a top 5 QB in the league so i expect him to continue his progress when hes back.

He got his team to the playoffs but he didnt take part in the games or the Superbowl which the Eagles won so he will be out to prove he can accomplish the same task. Great player with a very bright future in front of him and his team is loaded with talent so expect him to be in contention often for the next few years but he will unlikely start till about week 4 while he recovers from a horrific knee injury that happened very late last season.

Jared Goff

Goff looked terrible in his rookie season, so much so that people were already calling him a bust but to be fair he was put on a bad team and he had Jeff Fisher as a coach. Well Fisher was fired and in came offensive genius Sean Mcvay to lead the team and he drastically changed the offense and accelerated Goffs progress.

The offense went from last to first in many categories and as a result Goff played very well and proved hes not a bust,instead he now looks like one of the right young star in the league. The Rams have made alot of moves this off season and this team is as talented as any team in the league so if he plays his part and continues his progress he could lead them deep into the playoffs. We might need to see another year of him to be fully sold but im on board and so are the Rams.

Dak Prescott

I could be dead wrong about this but i personally think hes the best out of the young QBs. He doesnt have the arm that Wentz and Goff have  or the legs of Watson but at a young age he has proved he can read defenses and make the right decisions more often then not. He has a very consistent solid style that i think works at the NFL level and even though hes not as flashy as the other guys i love what hes done so far BUT WAIT!!! I know he didnt have a great season last year and struggled without Zeke and now people are saying hes nothing without him but remember he was only in his 2nd year and he set the bar so damn high in his rookie year it was gonna be hard to match that success, especially now defense has game tape on him so he had to adjust  and suddenly playing without Zeke would hurt any young QB but he still had some good games so i expect him to really come into his own this season.

He does arguably have a tougher task then most of the others on this list because he doesnt have a good team around him but the whole teams is young and could surprise one things for sure is that Zeke will be back and that will help any QB so this year should be smoother in his 3rd year as a pro.

Derick Carr

Hes more of a veteran at this stage but hes still a very young QB with alot to prove all of a sudden so i decided to add him at the last minute. Listen 2 years ago Carr looked like the next star QB in the league after he took the Raiders out of the basement to a 12-4  record and into the playoffs.

Sadly like a couple of QBs on this list he got hurt and didnt get to play the rest of the year and the Raiders seem to have gone backwards since.

Carr signed his own mega deal last offseason but he seemed to regress, in fact the whole team did, i think the problem was that they werent used to winning and they thought it would come easy but thats not how it goes in the NFL.

I think last year was more of a fluke and Carr will return to his best form and be a top 7 QB this year. The team is looking very old and weak on the defensive side of the ball so Carr is going to have to put up mega points every game to even have a chance but you can rest asure that the Raiders have their guy.


Mitch Tribiski

The Bears traded up to draft him and he really struggled most of last season but he has some qualities and gits that you just cant teach. I think he will show massive improvement in year two and now he has alot of new weapons  including big free agent Alen Robinson. Hes a very big physical  WR who will give Mitch more room for era and with 50/50 jump balls to help his QB out.and he potentially has a great  under the radar defense to lean on so he wont have to do it all like some guys on this list.

He also has a great running game with duel threats Jordan Howard and Tarik Coen but he still may need another year or two to develop but hes going to make plays in the mean time and steadily improve, i actually like him alot going forward with the new era in Chicago



Most of these guys will go on to have great careers but sadly not every high draft pick pans out but most of these guys are on the right track and will be the new faces of the league in no time






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