Thursday Night Football Take Aways

Football is back etc etc lets skip the intro and get straight to the info

Eagles  18

Falcons 12

The NFL kicked off on Thursday night with a weird bizarre game, while we were all on the edge of our seats after waiting months for the season we had to wait a bit longer cause of a rain delay which killed some momentum from both teams but after a 40min delay the season finally kicked off and here my main take aways from the game.

Same Old Falcons

The Falcons and pretty much anybody talking about the Falcons spent all off season talking about improving red zone offense to take the next step and the very first drive they have a 1st and goal from just outside the 5 yard line and couldnt get in despite 4 cracks at it…they turned the ball over on downs and even though it was early in the game i really believe that mentally it had to be disappointing.Overall they went 1-5 in the redzone thats just not acceptable.

Think about it the one thing you set out to improve on you mess it up on the first chance you get…this would actually be one of the falcons best chances to score throughout the game and it swung momentum to the Eagles immediately.

This game played out almost exactly like last years playoff game between these two teams  struggling for points, making alot of mistakes,  had the DBS dropping easy INTS and even the ending was similar with the Falcons having 1st and goal and failing on all 4 attempts just like they did on the first drive.

I know its early but to me this is a bad omen and is a sign that they havent changed or taken that next step


Falcons Offensive Coordinator has to be fired and replaced IMMEDIATELY!!

Last season hey lost the great offensive coordinator  Kyle Shannanhan who turned this Falcons offense into one of the most dynamic explosive units in all of football and they replaced him with some college coach whos never been in the NFL and the results were what i expected and the Falcons offense never took off all of last season, not only that but everyones numbers slipped especially  QB Matt Ryan and Julio Jones had a mere 3 touchdowns!!

What shocked me even more is that they brought him back for another year, to me this was the worst move in the NFL because hes not only a huge downgrade from Shanhanhan but he just doesnt look ready to  lead an offense at the NFL level. Listen how can you have Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, Mohamed Sanu, Devonate Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Austin Hooper and first round pick Calvin Ridley and NOT put up points???

There is no excuse with so many great weapons but the offense has looked like one of the most frustrating units in football and there no reason why it should be like that.

Ok so last season was his first with a new team so you want to give him time to get things worked out so  i GUESS i can somehow give him a bly for last season but the same thing is continuing this year.

Theres nothing fancy theres no identity no rhythm no explosive plays and not everyone is getting involved, its the opposite of what this offense was 2 years ago and with so many great players theres no excuse….but the falcons seem to be dead set on keeping him around but i personally think they will be better off without him and admit they made a huge mistake giving a royles voice to  a kid who doesnt even know how to ride a bike.

Fire the guy and move on its painful watching this great offense try and struggle so hard.


Eagles Defense Looks Legit and Foles Returns To Earth.

The Eagles defense was flying all over the field and won the game but we knew they would be good but Foles turned back into…..well Nick Foles, i dont know which Foles will show up this season as he looked pretty bad but this is how he looked last season untill the post season where he suddenly turned it on and played as great as anybody ever has, will the real Nick Foles please stand up??? He may be able to hold this team afloat with the help of the defense and running game till Carson Wentz comes back, he can play great at any moment but this is the story of Nick Foles.

The Eagles keeping  him around this offseason looks really smart now as Wentz may not be ready for another few weeks.



Overall it was a sloppy game with plenty of flags and fundamental mistakes all night but that could be expected for the first game however there was still some great defense on display from both sides and the game did come down to the wire which put us on the edge of our seat so id say it was a good game to watch and we did get that crunch time moment which is why we watch the games.

The eagles need Wentz back to make another deep playoff run and the Falcons need to fix their redzone offense, the falcons defense looks really good as well and i think they will be an underrated unit this season. Good start for the superbowl defending champs but both teams got alot of work to do.




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