Are the Rams the NFL’s first Super Team?

Can the the LA Rams be the NLF’s version of a Superteam?

The Rams had an incredible off season and they are in full fledge win now mode with all the additions this offseason. They have dawned the name dream team for this year and a lot of pressure will be on their shoulders to win it all. The many teams in the past have dawned that name after making additions to the their team but the Rams could be the NFL’s first super team.


The NBA isn’t the only organization that can have super teams. The definition of a super team for both of these sports should be different. It’s easy in the NBA. Just sign 2 or 3 all stars and surround them with great role players and boom there you go. The NFL is a little more complex with more position. Never in my recent short term memory have i seen a team with a significant player at almost every key positions on the field until this summer.


Key Players

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Jared Goff is finally playing like a #1 draft pick and should have a better season than last with his new weapon.


Todd Gurley was the NFL’s offensive player of the year last year and led the league in rushing touchdowns. Cant forget he changed the game for RBs with his new contract.

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People have slept on Brandin Cooks since his departure from the Saints but he is 1 of 2 WR to have 1,000 yards and at least 7 TD’s in each of the last 3 seasons and the other wideout is AB.


Aaron McDonald is back with a contract extension



Suh is still one of the best DT in the league and will be paired with Mcdonald


Marcus Peters has 19 INT’s over the past 3 years


Aqib Talib is a veteran corner who can still hang with the best of them


They have a deep WR core that includes Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp that can both go for 1,000 yards and on defense they are stacked in all areas.


Teams have tried for form Super teams before and majority of them have failed but this Rams team is different and i don’t think they will go away anytime soon. The only question that should be asked right now is if they don’t go to the super bowl will they be considered a bust with all the additions they have made?


The Rams are the showtime Lakers of the NFL right now, they have good defense and a very exciting office in the LA. The Rams have owned the name the greatest show on turf but this squad they have now on offense and defense should be considered “The Greatest Show on Turf 2.0”.


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