Kevin Durant shouldn’t go to the Lakers next year

Kevin Durant will be a free agent in 2019 would a move to the Lakers be a good one?

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What is competition? That’s one of my favorite lines from Kendrick’s “Control” verse. But anyways let’s talk basketball. The NBA season is not that far away but talks of the 2019 free agency is already starting with eyes set on KD. The finals MVP will be a free agent once again and Lebron and the Lakers have him on their radar. KD made the most controversial move in the NBA 2 years ago by joining the Warriors after losing to them in the playoffs. Joining the Lakers to play alongside Lebron is something that KD should not do.


Who doesn’t want to play for the Lakers? LA is show time and they are back on the rise to become the top franchise in the NBA again for years to come. Lebron and KD are rivals. KD always wanted to face Lebron 1 on 1 and even in championship moments to see who is better. Lebron moving out west should not change that whatsoever.


KD to the Lakers would just be another move he makes that is going to come with a lot of criticism. People will look at it as first he joins the Warriors to beat him and now he leaves the Warriors to play alongside him. Talk about a head scratcher for the ages. The NBA doesn’t need these 2 to play for the same team, they need them as rivals. They are #1 and #2 in the NBA(who is better, you decide).


Plus the Lakers are in good position right now with a lot of young and promising talent they can be all stars if they take time to develop them.

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Brandon Ingram is already out to show Lebron he doesn’t need KD when he has him(Ingram has been compared to KD), Kyle Kuzma is on the rise, and Lonzo Ball should have a better season than last year. I cannot forget the rookie Hart who should be a solid player as well.


Eventually the faith should be put in this you especially they way they are progressing and if they did get KD im sure the Warriors would want to do a sign and trade and then they will end up with some of these key players.


By Deng buying out his contract, the Lakers have cleared up cap and have 38 million to where they can get another max player. KD and Lebron should stay rivals. It’s good for them and good for the sport of the NBA that’s ushering the Super team era of basketball right now. There will be a lot of players on the market next season. KD and Lebron will be better rivals than teammates.


What do you think? Should KD go to the Lakers in 2019 or should he continue being Lebrons rival?


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