NFL Week 1 Predictions

The NFL is officially back and i have Week 1 predictions for every game

Football is back and we are going to do it differently this year predicting every game for the week and we are kicking it off with week 1 even highlighting top games to watch and upset alerts. Let’s go ahead and get into it:

Thursday Night Kickoff

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The Falcons are looking for revenge in Week 1

Falcons beat Eagles by 2 TD’s

A lot of people say SB Champs don’t fare well in week 1 games. I beg to differ just check the numbers. The Eagles are coming off their first super bowl and they will start the year without a lot of key players including Carson Wentz. Nick Foles will start and the Falcons are looking for revenge. It’s hard to bet against the SB champs but as a Georgia native this is our year. The Falcons have a good team this year (I’m sure fair weather falcon fans say this every year) and they will send a message on Thursday night with a big win over the Eagles.


Ravens beat Bills

Jaguars beat Giants

Saints beat Buccaneers

*Texans beat Patriots

Cracks are starting to form in the Patriots organization and a week 1 loses with no WR and a highly questionable defense should form even bigger cracks. Deshaun Watson is back to wreak havoc on the league once again and this is a great statement game to pick up where he left off. #Watsond4MVP

Viking beat 49ers

Titans beat Dolphins

Colts (Colts fan) beats Bengals

*Upset Alert- Browns beat Steelers

Image result for frustrated ben roethlisberger

The Browns will not go 0-16 this year. The Steelers are good but this Browns team is completely different. They have a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball and the Steelers still have a suspect defense. The Browns will set the tone for this season with a big win over Big Ben.

Chargers beat Chiefs

Panthers beat Cowboys

Cardinals beat Redskins

*Bears beat Packers

Image result for bears and packers

With the addition of Khalil Mack the bears are showing they believe they have a team that can win now. They had a really good off season on both sides of the ball and this was the icing on the cake. Aaron Rodgers just got a huge pay day but will have to wait a week before he gets his first win.

Monday Night Football

Jets beat Lions

*Rams devour Raiders

Image result for la rams dream team
The Rams are in full win now mode and formed arguably NFL’s best dream team

I don’t know if there has ever been a dream team in the NFL to have a star at every level on both sides of the ball but the Rams has accomplished that feat. They are the show in the NFL and all eyes will be on them.


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