NBA 2K19 reveals The Neighborhood

NBA 2K19 brings the Neighborhood back with a huge overhaul

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What all 2K fans have been waiting for is finally here. NBA 2K has dropped the trailer for the Neighborhood in NBA 2K19. Once again this is something that 2K has taken into deep consideration and given it a complete overhaul. It’s full of new mini games and they expanded it far and wide for you to explore plus i love the addition of celebrities in the Neighborhood.

The only thing missing is my boy Cream E Biggums. Check out the trailer below and you can click the link here to read an in depth article on all the changes that have been made to the Neighborhood by Brian Mazique of Forbes. The journey begins August 31 with the Prelude for 2K. Make sure you pre order NBA 2K19. The game is scheduled to drop on September 11 but if you preorder you can play it 4 days her. Click on the image below the video to pre order NBA 2K19.


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