Spurs Timmy, Tony, and Manu best big 3 of all time?

The legacy the Spurs Timmy, Tony, and Manu created together will never be duplicated

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The Era has come to an end in San Antonia

Big 3’s have become a popular trend in the NBA well until the Warriors signed Cousins. We can go back in time and in every era of basketball we can find dominate big 3 and majority of them won champions. The Spurs on the other hand are looking like the greatest franchise in NBA history but do they also have the best Big 3 in NBA history as well?

The era is over and Timmy, Tony and Manu are all a ghost of the Spurs past. Duncan retired in 2016, Tony plays for Charlotte now and Manu just hung up his sneakers. Together they were a dominant force that only gets credit from diehard fans. The Spurs were not the most exciting team, it wasn’t show time in San Antonio but it was more like poetry in motion. They had a great coach that knew how to get the best out of his talent, a winning formula for any era of basketball and they had Timmy, Tony and Manu.

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Did you know for 20 years now the Spurs have not missed the playoffs? That goes back to when they drafted Tim Duncan but let’s jump ahead to 2002. Since 2002 Timmy, Tony and Manu has terrorized the NBA. No big 3 has played together longer than these 3 have. They have over 12 seasons of 50 plus wins together and all those 60 wins seasons Gregg Pop has on his resume was all since these 3 came together in 2002.

*10 division titles since 2002

They spurs also had 21 consecutive seasons with a win % of 61% or more dating back to 1997-1998 season (Tim Duncan time). So if you trim some of those years and just add the years Timmy, Tony, and Manu played together then you have about 14 years winning 60% or more of their games.

This trio didn’t just dominate the regular season they also dominated the post season as well. Individually their playoff stats are off the chart and you can check them out here. As a trio they have them most wins by a trio in playoff history (100+) and they have won 4 championships together. Their ability to adapt and has helped them hang with the likes of the Heat during the time of LeBron, Bosh and Wade and even compete in the ever growing Western Conference. They took down a lot of future hall of famers on their path of building their legacy together and as much as players come together to form their own versions of big 3’s it will be hard to duplicate the amount of success these 3 had together over a 10 year period.

Maybe it’s time we do appreciate this trio that is arguably the best trio to play the game. I’m aware of trios like:

Jordan, Pippen, Rodman

Magic, Kareem, Worthy

Bird, McHale, Parish

The list goes on and on and even into today’s NBA. They may have been more exciting than Timmy, Tony and Manu but the success that they had together on paper will out due a lot of these trios and we will probably never see it done again by anyone else.

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