Could we see Seth Rollins vs The Rock before WM35?

Seth Rollins and The Rock should be a must for WWE before WM 35

Rumors have been swirling for a couple of months now that the Rock wants to come back and WWE looking to be eyeing a potential match between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WM35. Seth Rollins did an interview with SI the other week and was asked how he felt about the potential main event:

“That’s cool, too. Don’t get me wrong. I love Rocky. I think he’s great. Love everything he’s done for this business. But my gut, my first instinct, says we don’t need him. We don’t need him. If we’re not the guys who can main event WrestleMania, then how are we ever gonna be The Rock? How are we gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin? We can’t hold onto these guys forever. We just can’t. To me, let’s do Seth Rollins-Roman Reigns before we do Seth Rollins-The Rock. “

These are not comments that will offend The Rock but this could be something that Vince can play in his favor. Seth Rollins is one of WWE’s most popular superstars and one of their best if not their best in ring performer. The Rock is still money in the wrestling industry and normally shakes ring rust within the first 5 minutes of his matches. If the Rock plans on making another stint in the WWE than a match with Seth Rollins would be a good starting point.

When this could potentially happen?

Vince may want some time to promote a match of this magnitude so the best time I think they should tease this would be during the Royal Rumble match. The Rock could start his comeback campaign being a surprise entrant into the match and having a stare off with Seth Rollins.

This will get a huge pop and probably get the yes chant going through the stadium. In the end The Rock can start doing his promos after the rumble is over (us going to assume that a smack down superstar won the Rumble) and issue a challenge to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Roman can come out and right before he speaks Seth Rollins music hits and he comes out to confront the part timer.

Stare offs and word will be traded but no match yet and but WWE will keep teasing it.

Elimination Chamber???

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WWE knows how to botch some good stuff so instead of the Rock performing in the Elimination chamber match they would probably do some type of tag team match with him and Roman Reigns. Vince loves his part timers so The Rock would be waiting for the Winner of the Raw elimination chamber match at Fast Lane for a shot at Roman at WM35. Of course Seth wins to set up the REAL dream match that WWE fans would enjoy.

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Their match at Fast lane would go down in the history books at a successful dream match. Seth Rollins and the Rock are both athletic, hybrid style wrestlers and it doesn’t take long for the Rock to shake off ring rust. I can see this match going 30 minutes and these 2 athletes being poetry in motion in the ring.

Nothing has been discussed about this yet but if Vince saw Seth’s comments during his interview with SI then I think he saw money signs and maybe even called the Rock about a potential program with Seth.


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