3 Headed Jobbers podcast episode #2

We are back with with Episode 2 of the up and coming podcast 3 Headed Jobbers. You can listen to our Podcast anywhere podcast are available and also on facebook in the Pro Wrestling talk group.

This week i have Gaijin Eric and my buddy Jason on the show. We cover a few things NJPW including Nevilles release from the WWE and if he should go to New Japan. We also get ready for All IN( stay tuned for Episode 3 and 3 Headed Jobbers are ALL In). Plus we introduce to you a new Segment for our podcast by Jason called “I Aint Feeling”.

In that segment we basically went down the list of a few things happening in the WWE that we just werent feeling at all. You can listen to our podcast on the Anchor app as well. Give us feedback and let us know what you want to here us talk about next. Heres the link to Episode 2 here.


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