5 Superstars who should Challenge Ronda Rousey

WWE has crowned Ronda the face of the Womens division but who should step up and challenge her?

Ronda Rousey is now the Raw Women’s champion but what is next for her? WWE is going to protect and try to shadow any weakness that she has and I don’t see a loss coming for her anytime soon. Right now it looks like her first title defense will be at WWE Evolution against Nikki Bella. Poor choice for a main event of a first time PPV but it’s about the money not the quality. Nikki isn’t the best in ring competitor and Ronda has so much room to grow, at this point I rather watch Lana vs Dana Brooke headline this PPV.

But anyways Ronda is going to need challengers and superstars that will bring out the best in her in the ring as she will for them. I’ve combined a list of 5 superstars that should challenge Ronda for the title that would give us a great story and great matches.


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This is a classic case of keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer and Natty is glued to Ronda right now. This could be a classic case of betrayal by your best friend but as well as a learning curve in the wrestling business for Ronda. Natalya is a proven vet in the ring, I mean look at her family. A feud with Natalya would boost Ronda’s in ring performance to another level as Natalya is a great technical wrestler and an even better heel.

Sasha Banks

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Alexa has already called Ronda an over hyped rookie but Sasha Banks could make things even better by expressing her frustration of Ronda getting special treatment and jumping the line.

At times Sasha can be a really good joint manipulator and really knows how to control a pace of a match. Ronda is strictly fast paced and a match between these 2 would be a clash of styles.

Ember Moon

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Ember has no sense of direction right now. Since leaving NXT WWE doesn’t seem to have major plans for her to become champion anytime soon but I still wouldn’t waster her talent and put her in the championship picture. Ember delivers every time she steps in the ring.

If WWE decides to put a true underdog in the ring with Rousey she should be the one to answer the call. There is no limit of how high she can go in the WWE and a couple of great matches with Ronda should do wonders for her.

Nia Jax

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The Nia Jax reign was nothing more than a publicity stunt for a short period of time but if anything was made clear it’s that Ronda and she can put on a good match. The one match they had wasn’t bad at all. Nia Jax baby face turn hasn’t been impressive at all and if Stephanie wants to take a fight to Ronda then recruiting Nia wouldn’t be a bad first step.

*Shayna Baszler

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WWE may try to keep this under wraps but for her first serious feud I don’t think anyone else should step up to challenge Ronda first but Shayna Baszler. WWE might hold off on this because of the 4 horsewomen match they want to make happen at Survivor Series but after that all hell should break lose.

Hate her or love her Shayna can hang in the WWE. Another classic betrayal feud would be in place but this one would be more personal since they have history that goes far back as to even training together. Fans love personal feuds and this could be one that really tests Ronda as not only a wrestler but as a sports entertainer as well.


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