Where should Neville wrestle next?

Neville is finally free from WWE, where should he go next?

The wrestling gods have finally blessed us. The King of the Cruiserweight’s Neville is no longer under contract with WWE. Neville hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since October of 2017 and basically has been sitting at home waiting for this day since asking for his release. He was teased to come back on 2 different occasions but a deal was never reached and now he is free to wrestle elsewhere.

Neville has a lot of options of where he could potentially wrestle next and he is released just in time to make an appearance at All In. But on a serious note where should Neville go to next?

Impact Wrestling

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I’m really not sure how Impact is surviving but they are doing it. Neville grew his personal brand in the WWE and if he is after being an immediate face of a company than Impact Wrestling would be a good fit for him. The level of talent is not up there with the ROH, NJPW or even WWE but it’s not hard to guess that he would be pushed into the heavyweight title picture.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

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Neville doesn’t want to be classified as just a cruiserweight and that’s understandable. Neville is a well-rounded wrestler even though he is mainly known for high flying. NJPW would be a great place to showcase his talent against some of the best Jr Heavyweights in the world and other stars. Would they push him for the IWGP heavyweight title? I honestly doubt it but he has the options to compete for the IC title, US title, and Jr Heavyweight title.

There are several tournaments he could take place in and a lot of people he could put on great matches with. Better work schedule where he could do appearances elsewhere, plus the quality of wrestling is top notch with no limitations. Sounds like a win-win.


Ring of Honor

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I see this as a win situation for Neville if this is the route that he decides to go. Ring of Honor is a solid promotion that is loaded with talent and the best part is that they do cross promotion with NJPW. Double the exposure with great matches involved in both companies. Plus this would be a win for both companies as another big name they can add to the Super show in April.

ROH would certainly give Neville a push similar to what they gave Cody. Neville may not be a Cody on the mic but in the ring he out classes him so it should balance out. Hell who knows, he might even join a club.

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Neville does have other options. He could wrestle in a UK promotion, go do tapings in Lucha Underground; he also has the options for promotions like MLW, CMLL, and AAA. Neville is now one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling and wherever he goes he is going to shine.


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