All eyez will be on Jalen Ramsey this season

Jaguars Jalen Ramsey has put a target on his back with comments on QB’s

Jalen Ramsey is a top 5 CB in the NFL but now he has put a target on his back and it might be really dangerous for any QB to take the bait. He can hang with the best of them. Jalen Ramsey recently did an interview with GQ magazine and didn’t hold anything back when giving his opinions on NFL QB’s:

“I think Allen is trash,” I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback.”

Baltimore Ravens‘ Joe Flacco “sucks,” the Atlanta Falcons‘ Matt Ryan is “overrated” and the Indianapolis Colts‘ Andrew Luck is not “that good.”

“I won’t say Eli’s good,” I’ll say Odell’s good. And their connection is good.”

Eli Manning didn’t have any response to Ramsey’s comments but instead just said “WHO??”

Seriously Eli? You know who Jalen Ramsey is.

Ramsey also have praise to a couple of QB’s like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. But he gave high praise to QB’s like Marcus Mariota, Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz.

“I think Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback for [the Tennessee Titans],” he said. “I think Tyrod Taylor is actually a better quarterback than he gets credit for, because he does not make mistakes. He’s honestly a Marcus Mariota-type player, where he manages a game really well, always has them at least in position to be in the game late in the game.”

Ramsey added that Watson will “be the league MVP in a couple years” and that Wentz would be in the running as well: “For every year starting now until five to 10 years, it’s gonna be them two. They’re that good.”

Ramsey also went on to say that playoff Bortles is good. Im not surprised he gave Bortles credit, you don’t want to already tear down a QB who is on his way to a make or break season and Super Bowl hopes are on his shoulders. Seriously they would probably be favorites if they had another QB that wasn’t Blake Bortles. Plus its kind of funny he said that about Eli when we were close to seeing him in a Jags uniform this season.

Ramsey is definitely a top 5 CB in this league and with these comments all eyes will be on him this season and he has to show out as coaches and QB’s will most likely take the bait and target him. Honestly the QB’s need to hope their receivers are good enough to match him.

Key QB matchup we all will watch

Honestly will these QB’s target the recievers being guarded by Ramsey or just look to put on a clinic to shut him up? Anyways this is the list of all the QB’s that he actually plays this regular season and basically just said they are bad.

Week 1: Eli Manning

Week 6: Dak Prescott

Week 10/13: Andrew Luck

Week 12: Bills

All eyes will be on Ramsey once the season kicks off next month but what do you think about his comments? Is he spot on or just completely wrong about some of the QB’s he named?


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