Who will be the Next Paul Heyman Guy?

Paul Heyman is arguably the best manager of all time and majority of his clients have went on to reach new heights in their careers. This Sunday is Summerslam and probably the last time we will see Paul Heyman alongside THE BEAST Bbbrrroooock Llllllleessnar!!!! Brock will take his talents back to a UFC full of athletes ready to welcome him back and Paul will either fade into the dark ooorrr get a new Paul Heyman guy. He was already spotted at the NXT Performance Center earlier this month, could the next guy be in NXT? Could it be the likes of EC3, Lars Sullivan, and Velveteen Dream? Or could he go the stable approach and become the advocate for the Undisputed Era?

Times like this are good times to be a fan of the WWE because Paul Heyman elevates careers. But he has a lot of options on the main roster as well. Here I’ve combined a list of a few stars that could use/benefit from Paul Heymans Services:

Bobby Lashley

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Lashley has the in ring talent but the mic skills aren’t there. His best work came as a heel TNA (Impact Wrestling) and eventually down the line that’s the direction that they should go with him and adding Paul Heyman by his side will do wonders for his 2nd time around in the WWE. Heyman has good history working with stars from MMA background (Lesnar) and Lashley should be a piece of cake since he is a hybrid athlete just like him. On top of that would make for a killer story somewhere down the line with Lesnar vs Lashley and Heyman in Lashley corner.

Ronda Rousey

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Rousey is a money maker and fun to watch when she is all about business kicking asses and breaking arms. She is another superstar desperately in need of a mouth piece and the UFC hall of famer could benefit very well with Heyman by her side. The only difficulty would be Ronda is a stone cold baby face and Heyman is a hell so seeing how that would work would be very interesting but if anyone can do it, its these 2.

The Miz

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The Miz does not need Heyman at all but if you put these 2 mouth pieces together on the blue brand than the rating will shoot through the roof not to mention probably make smackdown a must watch program. This combination is self-explanatory as every single one of their promos will be a must watch and some to remember for generations to come.

Shayna Baszler

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Rousey is definitely a good choice to be the first Paul Heyman Gal but so is Shayna Baszler. She isn’t the most exciting WWE superstar but she has a lot of potential and a natural heel in the business. With Paul Heyman as her advocate there is definitely no telling where she can go in the business.

Drew McIntyre

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McIntyre is the uncrowned face of the WWE. Things did not go well his first stint but he learned and developed his craft on the Indy scene and is ready to make a huge impact this time around. The WWE or Universal championship is in his future as he brings a different level of hunger and determination not showed by many of the other WWE talents.

It’s only a matter of time before him and Dolph go their separate ways and if Heyman wants to align himself with someone who is the future of the WWE then move over Roman Reigns McIntyre is definitely it.

Who do you think should be the next Paul Heyman guy? Should he go to NXT or stay on the main roster?


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