WWE: Brock talking with Vince hours before Summerslam sunday

Brock Lesnar set to have another infamous talk with Vince just hours before Summerslam


Roman Reigns and WWE fans might be pissed off after this Sunday ONCE AGAIN!!!! It’s being reported that Brock Lesnar will be having another one of his infamous talks with Vince McMahon a few hours before summer slam goes live.

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Brock is set to faces Roman as most likely the main event of the night and we all once again believe that this is suppose  to be the moment where Roman finally gets his championship and Brock goes off to fight in the UFC. But things might be changing once again.

Will Brock ever leave??

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Brock wants to fight in the UFC and become UFC heavyweight champion but it doesn’t seem like he is ready to let go of the WWE Universal Championship. Last time Brock talk to Vince before an event he walked out of WrestleMania as Universal Champion argued with Vince afterwards and then got a new contract the next day that gave him the flexibility to fight in the UFC as well. If Brock gets a new deal done before Summerslam of course we won’t know about it until that Monday but we have to believe that it includes being WWE Universal Champion.

Could this be a money move for Vince?

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Vince will eventually just have to take his gamble with Reigns and put the title on him as he will never be completely over and definitely won’t be completely over in Brooklyn. It’s time to stop swerving and just put the title on him already.

If that’s not the case and Brock does win will this just be another story line that will intertwine with his career in the UFC. Its 100% guaranteed he will go on to the UFC and have a mega fight with Daniel Cormier but will Vince let him really walk in the UFC with WWE gold?

That would be something that could benefit both companies but some people might think of this to be fixed if Lesnar walks out of the UFC PPV holding both titles. How Vince would benefit from this I’m not sure but we can’t rule out anything right now from Vince.

What do you think will happen? Will Reigns finally get crowned champion or will Brock retain and try to be a 2 sport champion? Could a UFC and WWE partnership be in the works?


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