5 ways Brock vs Roman could end at Summerslam

Will Roman finally capture the Universal title at Summerslam?

Once again we have Brock vs Roman for the universal championship and once again we all expect Roman to win. WWE swerved us before but this time definitely feels a lot different. Brock is on his way out and this time we are not sure if he is coming back but WWE really keeps that silent and signs new deals with him days before major matches. This match will hands down be the main event of Summerslam and with that being said I’ve came up with 5 ways this match to could:

  1. WWE Swerves us again

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We seriously cannot rule this out. Brock may have turned on Heyman and doing some of his best heel work in a long time but Vince will flip the switch if he feels Roman is not over enough plus he knows Roman is walking into Brooklyn which is a city that shows no remorse and already boo’s him out the building. It’s really possible that Brock walks away with the title once again.

  1. Heyman Screws Brock

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Paul Heyman is a clever man. He seems vulnerable right now from his last interview with Renee Young but he can flip the switch as well. He has been cited at the performance center recently so he may be looking for a new Paul Heyman guy or guys. Heyman could easily find someone to cost Brock the title at Sumerslam and build future storylines. I’d be shocked if he somehow forms an alliance with Bobby Lashley. That’s would be an interesting choice that could set up a match down the line that fans have wanted to see for a long time.

  1. Roman finally gets over

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This is another obvious answer but it’s all up to Vince. I seriously don’t expect this match to be any good and most barely decent but it’s about time Vince’s prophecy happens. This has been the plan for about 2 years for Roman to go over Brock and we all have to assume that this will happen next Sunday.

  1. Roman wins title with help of AOP

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I’ve spoke before on a Roman heel turn and how the AOP would be involved and I see no better time than now to make that happen. I still feel Roman needs some change and a heel turn will definitely suit him but a new faction with him and AOP will definitely set the WWE universe on fire. Roman standing tall over Brock with the Universal title with AOP by his side should surely have fans tuned in for Monday Night Raw for weeks to come.

  1. Money in the Bank cash in

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I can’t say who will have the briefcase because it’s up for grabs. A MITB cash in cannot be ruled out and WWE always likes to make last minute decisions with those things. If this match gets the same type of reaction it got at WrestleMania I wouldn’t be shocked to see this go from a 1 on 1 match to a triple threat match with the winner being either Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman.



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