5 Ways Bliss vs Rousey could end at Summerslam

Will Ronda make history at Summerslam?

I’m not sure what WWE plans are with Rousey but she is definitely in the spot light. She still has some rough patches in the ring and with her character over all but she is a total bad ass and its fun to watch. Rousey has the chance to win the Raw Women’s championship at Summer slam. Here are 4 ways I think this match could end at Summerslam:

  1. Rousey wins

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This won’t be Rousey toughest test, Alexa is a good in ring competitor but she is no Charlotte or Asuka. I’m not sure where WWE will go with Rousey as champion on Raw because there is really no one there who can really challenge her and she is only getting better with time. Rousey as champion will definitely get a huge pop but how will WWE keep up the momentum with no one to really challenge her?

  1. Alexa actually gets a clean win over Rousey

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Highly unlikely since WWE wants to keep a certain image for her but if Carmella can get clean wins over superstars that are better than her than so can Bliss.

  1. Shayna Baszler cost Rousey

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Alicia Fox and Mickie James is no match for Rousey’s MMA background and if Alexa needed an enforcer than Shayna would be the perfect person in her fight against. Saine is going to be Shayna at Takeover and she is most likely getting called up. Someone like Shayna on raw to challenge Rousey would give her a good opponent with a similar MMA background and I think they can put on some good matches together.

  1. Natalya turns on Ronda

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Ive been thinking for a while this could happen and if WWE wants to put Ronda in the ring with a Vet for a rivalry why not Natalya. She has left her mark on the industry and it a very solid wrestler that will only make Ronda better. This could be a wake up call for Ronda as WWE could really use the over hype rookie scenario against her and even have her closest friend become envious and wanting to prove she is better. Natalya could cost Ronda the title and help and the rest would be history.

5.Stephanie screw Rousey

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The feud with Stephanie is a long standing feud in my opinion. If there is a perfect time for her to emerge again it would be Summerslam. Maybe #3 will go in hand with this one as Stephanie will need some muscle to take on Ronda and build the female version of the Austin and McMahon story line. With the first all-female PPV coming up in October I think this will most likely be the way the match ends leading to some sort of match involving Stephanie and Ronda at Evolution.

What do you think will happen? Should WWE put the Raw Women’s title on Ronda Rousey or wait before doing so?


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