NBA:Who will snatch the Eastern Conference Crown?

Serious Threats

Philadelphia 76ers

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I’m not sure what else is included in this process but the rebuilding stage really sped up with this team. Last year wasn’t a one off for this 76ers squad; they are definitely here to wreak havoc on the Eastern conference for years to come. Simmons looks like LeBron 2.0 and is a jump shot away from being un guardable and Joel Embiid is just on a level by himself. He is a great mixture of talented and entertaining and does fear no man, women, child or BEAST!!!! They kept their core intact and added Wilson Chandler whom is a great veteran. If Fultz shows up next season and becomes the shot creator the 76ers desperately needs than they can cause some problems for Boston.

Toronto Raptors

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Toronto set the world and the league on fire this year by firing the Coach of the year plus trading the heart and soul of Toronto away. I mean they did put themselves in a good business predicament by snagging Kawhi Leonard but only time will tell what they can do with him. The Raptors is another team that has kept their core intact and now that their kryptonite is in the West, the sky might be the limit for them. It’s really not much you can say about them. Honestly we over hype them until they get to the playoffs and then we wonder where is the REGULAR SEASON Raptors?


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