Do the Browns have the most underrated offense in the league?

From bad to possibly good, this Cleveland Browns offense is definitely underrated.

No one will forget that the Browns went 0-16 last year. Cleveland had one of the best off seasons by that organization in the past decade or 2. John Dorsey and the Browns organization are doing everything to turn this team around and take steps towards the future like they haven’t before. With all the moves they have made this off season one thing that needs to stand out is an offensive move which leaves me with a question. Do the Browns have the most underrated offense in the league?

Todd Haley is here

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Todd Haley had alot of success with the Steelers but can it duplicate with the Browns?

An offense isn’t just the players it’s also the OC and they have probably the best OC in the game right now. Todd Haley is an offensive guru. He took a Steelers team that was known for defense basically for its entire history and for the past 6 years turned them into an offensive juggernaut.

They posted a top 10 scoring offense for 4 years straight which was the longest streak for this franchise since 1970. Big Ben put up numbers with Haley as OC plus Antonio Brown had 5(count them) 5 straight 100 catches seasons. The success he had with the Steelers offense is something to really take not of. Now he can have similar success with the Browns offense as well but it will take a little more time. Haley is one of the best OC in the league and will play a huge factor in this team’s success and putting this high powered offense on the map. Hue Jackson might want to be careful because he might be sitting in his seat by Week 8 if things go south.

Key additions

Tyrod Taylor

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This is the Browns 29th QB in the past 20 years and until #30(Baker Mayfield) proves himself; Taylor is by far the most promising one they have had. Taylor is one of the league’s best dual threats QB’s and left his mark on the Buffalo Bills. He had pro bowl honors back in 2015, plus holds the record for the most combined touchdowns (65) and most wins (23) by a Buffalo Bills QB in their first 3 years. He also led this team to the playoffs last year.

Players and coaches have already given him praise in Cleveland for the energy and leadership he is bringing which is a good thing for the culture change they are making right now.

Jarvis Landry

The Browns also snagged OBJ’s counterpart Jarvis Landry. Just like a lot of the top WRs in the league when healthy this is one of the best in the league. If they get a healthy Josh Gordon back alongside him then we are looking at the most dangerous WR duo in the league. Both of these guys are hybrid players.

Carlos Hyde

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Hyde is setting high expectations for himself this year. He doesn’t just want 1000 yard rushing; he wants to be the NFL’s top rusher. The 5th year running back held his own in San Francisco and proved to be a solid running back. The only problem is how the Browns will utilize him with such a stacked back field. Not only do they have Hyde but they have a playmaker in Duke Johnson who can be used as a RB or even a receiver even though he has already refused to be moved to that position and the Coaching staff shut it down.

Plus they drafted a young stud in Nick Chubb out of Georgia.

The Browns RB core looks deadly, WR core has potential to be one of the best in the league, OL is average but needs some work and they have 2 dual threat QBs that can make plays. Only time will tell but this Browns offense is looking really good and has potential to win games even with a really hard schedule for a team that went 0-16 last year.



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