Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is well balanced Call of Duty fun

In 2013 i stepped away from Call of Duty. The whole futuristic thing was rubbing me the wrong way. I missed ground combat and that led me towards B4. But that’s not the point. The only thing worse than waiting for the beta to download was waiting for the games to load. I was skeptical when i walked in Gamestop and out $5 down just to play this beta but in return i got more than what i paid for.


Gameplay and Visuals

BO4 screenshot


Only game with the best so PS4 pro is the place to be. Call of Duty never looked better in 4k UHD. Every map and every detail of this this game looked stunning. The Beta consisted of 6 game modes


  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Control
  • Domination’
  • Kill Confirmed(my favorite)
  • Control Mosh Pit

The gameplay is amazing on this game. I love the variety of specialist that are available for use and by far my favorite was Recon because i love to assist. Call of duty is introducing a lot of cool new features as far as recoil and bullet timing goes( you can read about that in the link below) but i still feel like the person with the quicker trigger is always the winner. Jump shooting is going to be a gamers best friend as well as sliding into your guts for the kill.


One thing that really stood out is the lack of camping that was done in the game. This year is a really fast paced game and instead of camping now flanking is a man’s best friend so always look behind you.


Tactical Tactical Tactical



This years installment of COD is very tactical and i really had to touch basis on it for a second. I think the days of being the solo hero in Call of Duty is being put behind us and BO4 is a good start. Teamwork dominates in this game. If you play as a team then you will definitely win more and what surprised me the most was how team work dominated the main solo hero mode of Team deathmatch.


This game is a buy


I will probably still want until it goes on sale but this game is definitely a buy. Black Ops 4 delivered something fresh and well needed for the series. 100% ground bases and instead of futuristic it’s more of high tech perps. If you are a call of duty fan this game is must have. Here is some footage from one of my Killed confirmed matchups below and here is an great article from IGN that gives tips and tricks to all those playing the beta again on August 10th( available for PC, Xbox and PS4)…… here


*Random Disclaimer: I’m not the best but im above average. That photo up top is my results from that game.

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