NBA: Dear Kobe Fans

Dear Kobe Fans….

You guys are some of the greatest fans in the world there is no doubt about that but we need to talk. Kobe has been retired for almost 3 years and there is nothing wrong with standing up for the Mamba but seriously you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Lebron James in LA. Lebron short stint in LA will not do any harm to Kobe’s legacy with the Lakers.

Lebrons move was business not basketball

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Lebron agreed to star in this movie back in 2016

Everyone has their opinion on why Lebron went to LA. But here is Lebrons reason for that move:

“It’s kind of bittersweet timing because, on this hand, I have a brand new school that’s opening. And I want to be there on a day-to-day basis … And then on the other hand, I’m moving. I’m moving to Los Angeles. This is kind of like a dream come true for me. Growing up, I was a Cowboys fan. I was a Bulls fan. I was a Yankees fan. I always felt like that was one of the historic franchises. You look at the Lakers. Being able to play for a historic franchise with so much history. And now, being able to partner with Magic Johnson – someone I kind of looked up to when I was younger. Wanted to make no-look passes like Magic, wanted to get on the break and be Showtime like Magic. And then, for it to all come to fruition at this point, I think timing is everything. So for me to be in this position now, the excitement that I have to be a Laker. I’m happy to be a part of it because I believe the Lakers are a historical franchise – we all know that – but it’s a championship franchise. And that’s what we’re trying to get back to. I’m happy to be a part of the culture and us getting back to that point.”

There is nothing wrong with living out dreams and the Lakers have a very talented young core along with Magic bring in great talent but still this was a business move that alot of us saw coming for nearly 2 years. Lebron agreed to star in Space Jam 2 in 2016(sign of LA) plus he already had a home in LA and his kids are balling in LA. Lebron is a brand. What better place to maximize that brand than LA. His personal value has sky rocket since the signing and Hollywood will definitely take notice.

If this was about still winning championships then i think the obvious choices would have been Houston or Philly. He can when a championship with the Lakers but i wouldn’t bet my coins on it until year 2. The move to LA wasn’t about basketball, thats just for fun at this stage of his career. This is business.

Lebron to LA wont scratch Kobe’s Legacy

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A Lot of fans are worried that Lebron will diminish Kobe legacy with his move to LA. Kobe himself said he loves the move but seriously, there is absolutely NOTHING that Lebron can do in his 4 year tenure that will diminish Kobe’s Legacy. Better look at them numbers that he put up ALL with the Lakers:

5 time NBA champion
3rd all time in scoring
18 time NBA all star
1x MVP
2x NBA Finals MVP
15x All-NBA Team Selection
12X All NBA Defensive team selection

You can go on and on with Kobe’s numbers and the most impressive part is that he did all this playing 20 years with the Lakers. Lebron is a great addition to the Lakers family but its ok Kobe Fans Lebron won’t even put a scratch on Kobe’s legacy.

Enjoy Showtime

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Lebron and Kobe were never really rivals. Neither got in the way of the other winning championships. The Lakers have not made the playoffs in 5 years and now not only can they make the playoffs they can contend for a championship. SIt back and enjoy showtime.


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