5 reasons to be excited about Madden 19

Madden 19 is almost here and i have 5 reason you should be excited for it.

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YEEEESSSS!!!!! We are merely days away from getting another great installment of Madden. EA is always trying to take things to the next level for their football games and with all the new features of this year’s game it looks like another year of greatness. Here are 5 count them 5 reasons you should be excited for EA’s next installment of Madden.

  1. Longshot is Back

EA made a very compelling story mode called Longshot that debuted on Madden 18. The story mode will continue to follow Devin Wade and Colt Cruise on their NFL journey on and off the court. This year EA is promising a more gameplay and on the field actions. You can also use Wade and Cruise in other game modes including Connected Franchise and MUT. Footage has also been released for the first 35 mins of the Longshot story mode. You can check it out above and I hope you enjoy.

  1. More Celebrations

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Teams as a whole are getting really creative with the celebrations in the NFL and now EA is bring that to Madden. EA is going to have a complete arsenal of celebrations that you can utilize in the game to bring a little more excitement to scoring touchdowns.

  1. EA Sound track

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I love a sports game with a good soundtrack. Gives you a little something to vibe to when you busy building you team or players in any of the game modes and when it comes to soundtracks I can’t think of any game that does better than EA. This year will be no different with some tracks from up and comers plus some established artist. Check out the full list here and listen to the exclusive track by the Migos “They Can’t Win”.

  1. Real Player Motion

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EA tried their luck with real player motion in the latest installment of EA UFC. It was a good idea until they did some updates and now I feel like I’m playing rockem sockem robots. Madden should be better suited for real player motion. This is going to bring a whole new level of realism to the game along with the enhancement of the oh so great frost bit engine (you gotta love Battlefield). Players will now be able to push the pile and get the ultimate usage of all running lanes. Enhancements have also been made to cuts and other moves that you can use to leave the defenders looking crazy.

  1. Create your own draft class

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I prefer EA finally bring back a college football game but this is a good step in the right direction. EA is now allowing you to create and share your draft class with the community which will bring some more excitement to the franchise mode. We can now create all of the hottest college players and add them to our games to be drafted. It’s a minor feature to add to a game but it will make a big difference to all the college football fans until we get that college football game next year.

Madden 19 will be making an early release this year on August 10th and you can play 3 days Early if you pre order it. Get ready Madden fans, Madden season is about to be upon us.


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