2018 NFL Season: 5 Super Bowl Contenders to watch

  1. Saints

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*Random Disclaimer: Put 3 Super Bowl rings on Drew Bree’s and he is the GOAT.

Anyways, I told people for the past couple of years that if the Saints gets a top 15 defense they will be a threat in the NFL and you guys saw what happened last year( including that funny lost to the Vikings, check out the clip below). The Saints are not a team to sleep on. For years they had the #1 offense with the worst defense and Drew Bree’s was still terrorizing the league. Now they have revamped the defense along with a stellar offense with a RB duo that’s just monstrous and they can compete with basically any team in the league (that includes you too Brady). Watch out for the Saints, if they get back in to the playoffs this year they are going to be better than they were last year.


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