2018 NFL Season: 5 Super Bowl Contenders to watch

  1. Chargers

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The Chargers have been plagued with injury for the past several years but they have been solid in many areas on the field. In the tough AFC West the Chargers do stand out as the best team in that division. They have a very stacked roster on both sides of the ball and a great mixture of youth and veterans. The Chargers had a great offense last year. They were 1st in the league in passing yards per game (276) and 4th in the league with total yards per game (377). Phillips Rivers can still hang with the best of them but they do have to control those turnovers. They have arguably the best pass rushing duo in NFL with Ingram and Bosa, and a very good secondary loaded with talent in all positions and on the bench. If they can somehow find some magic to rid themselves of the offseason injury curse they will definitely make some noise this season. The time is now for them to make a run with Phillip Rivers still playing at an all-time high plus playing on probably the most stacked team he has played on in his entire career.


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